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CM club: Why don't parents communicate with us??

11 replies

diddle · 07/02/2006 15:56

Sorry i am not aiming this at all parents, almost all of mine are fantastic.

But this week i have had one who's child is coming to me on an occassional basis, and they have confirmed details with me today, when he is coming tomorrow. I couldn't get hold of her before today and she hasn't tried to contact me.

Another who's child is off sick, and they have failed to tell me. I am 5 months pregnant and for all they knew i needn't have been at school in the rain waiting for their child to appear. GGGRRRR

I have another mom who's work circumstances have changed so she is terminating her sons contract with me as she'll be able to take him to school, which is fine. btu she told me verbally last week and i reminded her i needed 4 wks notice in writing, she said she would get it to me last wednesday and i still don't have it!!!

Why can't parents consider us!!!!!
I would and do bend over backwards for them.

I totally understand that in some circumstances it may be impossible for them to contact me, but this is happening too often, and they have been reminded.

OP posts:

ivet83 · 07/02/2006 17:45

oh god don't scare me.i am thinking of registering as a childminder cause i can't affort to send my child to nursery and i want to earn some it that bad?


HellyBelly · 07/02/2006 17:53

Can be a nightmare Not all are like it though

I'd say the sickness thing happens lots!


RTKangaMummy · 07/02/2006 17:58

I have an answer machine and my mobile on 24/7

so parents can text/ring night or day

cos if children are ill during evening or night or early evening

Parents don't have any excuse for not contacting me

THe parents expect us to communicate with them and they should give us the same politeness and our family the same respect


ssd · 07/02/2006 19:04

I find the parents more often than not treat us hopelessly!


ladbrokegrove · 07/02/2006 19:14

I have the opposite problem. Mum quite often rings/texts early in the morning to tell me her plans for the day (she doesn't have regular hours), but she was doing this at 6.30am. So last week I had to have a gentle chat about the impact of this on my own family- so far she's been good about ringing in the evenings so the early calls have stopped- but we'll see how long this lasts!


ThePrisoner · 07/02/2006 19:19

I have to remind parents occasionally that it would really help to let me know asap when children are off sick/don't need collecting from school/will be having a day's holiday - it's never been a major problem, but I have been known to stand at the school gates to collect Mr. Nobody!!


HellyBelly · 07/02/2006 20:05

Oh yeah, that reminds me, I turned up to pick mindee up one day and she wasn't there. It was a 15 min drive each way with 2 toddlers which I didn't mind so much but she'd been off sick the day before and I asked the mum if she could let me know if she was not going to school. She texted to confirm she was in so I went and was worried sick when I couldn't find her. Mum forgot to text/call me back to say she was sent home later that morning! I JUST had enough credit on my phone to call her mum!


diddle · 08/02/2006 07:30

ivet83 - no its not all bad, i love it most of the time, think i was having a hormonal pregnant day yesterday and it got to me more than it should.

So glad i'm not the only one it annoys.

OP posts:

ssd · 08/02/2006 07:36

I've had the wait at the school gates for a child to not appear. I had the school janitor and teachers involved, everyone searching for her. I zoomed home and called her mum who didn't know where she was. I burst into tears. Then mum says oh I think she's gone to her friends for a play after school, but that morning mum handed me a bag of clothes for daughter to change into after my house.

Could have slapped her, still could thinking about it!

Not worth the worry and hassle, got rid of them.


anniebear · 11/02/2006 08:13


any job you look at doing....find a chat room with people already doing that job and they will all have a moan about it!! or there will be things they don't like!

Childminders, avon workers, teachers, Usborne Organisers, shop assistants etc

evrybody has things in their job that they dislike but it doesn't mean it is a bad job to do, I'm sure most of the time it is enjoyable

I used to be a childminder and 90% of the time it was great, but you are always going to get the odd funny parent or child!


oldandfat · 11/02/2006 18:29

i think you need to interview the parent as much as they interview you. i have been lucky with only 2 really dodgy mums and dads. both had no interest in the children and quibled over every penny ever charged. i now have another very strange pair, and they will be leaving very soon. the rest of my parents are great and i know i could talk to them about any problems etc that could arise......thing is, they don't tend to. dont let it put you off being a cm..i wouldnt do anything else now.

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