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Italian P/T Au Pair/Nanny - Berks area

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mammamic · 06/02/2006 23:12

We're looking for a native Italian speaking Au Pair/Nanny to work one day per week in the Reading area. Any recommendations?

OP posts:
madchad · 07/02/2006 23:42

No, sorry, but I might be interested in a possible nanny share if that fits in. We are currently considering a 3-4 day a week nanny.Uni area.
I suggest advertising in the Evening Post, and perhaps St James & St William or other local catholic parish newsletter? (Cliched I know, but worth a try)

uwila · 08/02/2006 15:37


HellyBelly · 08/02/2006 16:10

Hi. I'm in Reading but I'm a childminder so can't help. I will have a word with a few people locally and see if they can help!

piccolamamma · 15/02/2006 22:21

have you tried posting on

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