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income tax/national insurance and cleaner?

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goldenoldie · 06/02/2006 22:01

My cleaner is on benefits and is honest with benefit office about the work she does - just a couple of small cleaning jobs.

I pay her cash in hand (£20 per week). Am I liable for her tax and national insurance? Will I get the inland revinue coming after me for it?

OP posts:
elliott · 06/02/2006 22:07

I don't think so - you have to be above the NI threshold for this. You can ring up inland revenue and ask a question - they won't take your details or anything(!) - or browse the website for a publication they have about 'becoming an employer' or something. But its simpler to phone with a direct query - I've done that before about a similar situation and found them very helpful.

ladymuck · 06/02/2006 22:08

NI wouldn't apply for that amount, and if she is on bens then she may be below the tax limit anyway. It is very unusual for a cleaner who does a couple of hours a week to be an employee - usually only full time ones have to go on to PAYE/NI. If she is also cleaning for someone else, then she wouldn't be your employee - not until she was working for at least a day or 2 per week.

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