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childminders club - shift work

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LoveMyGirls · 06/02/2006 08:27

my MIL has mentioned some of her work collegues might want a childminder (she's a police officer) and they do shifts she's asked if i would consider doing shifts and if they're working late would i put the child to bed at my house so they can pick the child up when she's finished (probably 11pm)

the questions i have are........
what should i charge for that?
does putting the child to bed for a few hours count as overnightcare?
do any of you do this and is it working out?

OP posts:
babydales · 06/02/2006 08:42

Not too sure where you would stand on the putting to bed for a few hours, probably best to phone ofsted and ask. Other people must do it just not sure of the legalities. Have you thought of registering for overnights?

LoveMyGirls · 06/02/2006 09:07

thanks for replying BD i did have a quick look into it but it looked more complicated and as im going to be new i thought id wait and see how things went, if this lady does call then ill ring ofsted before she comes to meet me.

OP posts:
jellyjelly · 06/02/2006 09:29

I was going to try and do overnight as i go out for babysitting and wanted to try and knock some of it on the head.

I was told that i would have to do so much to the upstairs such as having our windows changed and thaT i couldnt keep them out of ds room so i could only look after them if the child was in a cot but not in a bed. It just wasnt worth it.

ayla99 · 06/02/2006 10:55

I have just taken on a new mindie today whose parents work shifts. They will pay £3.60 per hour for any hours booked (they will give me a list of hours needed each month) and half fees for any unused hours between 8am-6pm mon-friday to hold the place open. They will pay double time for any childcare before 8am and after 6pm.

I currently have a policy of asking parents not to book childcare beyond their child's bedtime.

BradfordMum · 06/02/2006 11:26

Overnight care is classd AFTER 2am in the morning. Up to that time, you're allowed to care for the child without having to register for overnight care.

I hope this clarifies the situation.


jellyjelly · 06/02/2006 11:55

How do you know this, is it in writing anywhere?

BradfordMum · 07/02/2006 11:34

Ofsted told me when I rang to ask. I'm sure they'll be happy to tell you. This it Yorkshire, and I presume it's the same all over, but you never know with Ofsted.

ayla99 · 08/02/2006 19:55

Sorry Sally but this is what Ofsted have told me today in an email:

Overnight care applies when a child is being minded past their usual bedtime. So if a child?s usual bedtime is 7.00pm and the parent has asked you to put that child to sleep, then this is classed as overnight care.

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