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childminders club - who's full? (or as full as they want to be?)

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LoveMyGirls · 06/02/2006 08:23

hi just wondered if you're all getting enough business to live on as its now getting closer to me starting and im panicking slightly.

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katymac · 06/02/2006 08:50

LMG - I know I'm in a different situation but I currently have 5 on Mon, 9 on Tues & Wed, 6 on Thurs and 4 on Friday

I would like a few more - but I am doing great atm

It really depends on your area - how are existing minders in your area doing?


LoveMyGirls · 06/02/2006 09:12

i met one the other day and she had quite a few children with her. i've also seen an advert up in a few of the local shops for another minder so i guess ill just have to wait and see its just im getting excited now i just want to get started so i can see how its all going to go.
im always the same i get an idea and then im looking out for the next step all the time dont know if thats a good thing or not!
i know it drives dp mad, i wanted our baby and now we've got her, i want to move to a bigger house but he says he's not in control of that, its up to me and how the business goes...(no pressure then!!)

OP posts:

HellyBelly · 06/02/2006 09:33


I'm not full but I'm feeling better than I was a few weeks ago. I have my own ds who's under 5 so I can only have 2 mindees during the day. ATM I (for under 5's) I am full on Tuesday's and Wednesday's, have 1 vacancy on Monday's and Thursday's and 2 on Friday's (originally took Friday's as time off to spend with ds or on my other business but now I'm trying to work it but not got any mindees - think parents like to try and have Friday's off if they work part time!)

I really think it depends on where you live as to how you get on.

I haven't any school runs at the moment due to me being restricted to the 2 schools in walking distance (had calls for other local schools but can't fit them in my car! )

I live in a village with childminders in mine and surrounding couple of villages - there are about 7 of us. I think I get more enquiries as I'm the only one with a website in the area and not many of them advertise online. Several of my enquiries have been from 'Google' searches.

Can't remember if we've mentioned this before but (once got certificate) get yourself advertised on as many of the online advertising places as possible! Let me know if you want the thread with the list on bumping for you!


HenniPenni · 06/02/2006 09:41

I'm not full.

I have been registered for two years nearly and look after: a 18month for 2 days a week, one after and before school care who is full time but sadly losing him after half term and two others part-time before and after school. One of which I lose in September when starting secondary school.

But I have a baby starting in September, the only problem is that I don't know the hours yet-it could be 3 days a week or 3 days a month!

In this area we have a glut of minders however there clearly isn't enough work to sustain all of us.

Hope this hasn't put you off and that you have plenty of work in your area.


Isyhan · 06/02/2006 10:04

Im keen to know how you get on. Im dying to get registered but cant until builder finishes kitchen. Ive had 2 enquiries already so I guess there is a need in my area but I had to pass them on. Im hoping they will repay favour down the line.


oldandfat · 06/02/2006 12:29



Jensmum · 06/02/2006 13:52

I'm not full either but that's entirely my choice.

I have 2 under fives 4 sessions a week (either mornings or afternoons)

I would love to have a couple of after schoolies but the school I can pick up from has a before and after school club that is brilliant (so good my dd really wants to go!!) I can't compete with their prices though they charge £25 a week for 3 hours a day!!! and then £13 a day in the holidays I charge £3 an hour so it's obvious who they're going to choose!!

I'm in Salford and most of the childminders I know are either fully booked and have waiting lists or are full by choice.

As soon as your registered you have he choice of going on thew childcare link website, aand like Helly said she's done a fantastic list of online places. Make a few small posters and put them anywhere you can, doctors, schools, shops, post office, toddler groups, playgroups. Some places do charge though, Sainsbury's charge a fortune so I'd avoid that one

What stage of registration are you at now lovemygirls?


alison222 · 06/02/2006 14:32

technically i have one space for an under 5 2.5 days a week and one after school, but with 2 of my own and one full and one part time toddler and a school pick up i honestly don't think i want any more work right now and have just told the Early years people to mark me as no vacancies on thoer websites, as in the last few weeks i have had about 10 phone calls with peole looking for spaces for babies.
BTW i'm in West London


HenniPenni · 06/02/2006 14:35

Alison, I've not had that amount of phonecalls in 2 years!


alison222 · 06/02/2006 14:56

Yeah it seems to come in fits and starts. I think that they send out new lists by post every so often and then you get a rash of calls, then nothing for months


FeelingOld · 06/02/2006 16:20

I am virtually full. All of my under 5's are part-time ( I have 6 of them) ranging from 8 to 18 hours per week and 2 after schoolers (1 everyday and the other 2 days per week). Some days I have 3 under 5's and others just 1, it depends on shift patterns. I couldn't get any full timers but luckily my part-timers all slot in nicely with each other and I am happy


Booh · 06/02/2006 16:21

Full to bursting - I work about 70 hours a week, am registered for 4 under the age of five, and have after schoolers, and over nighters too!

Manic but we love it! My phone goes all the time, and the children that I know are leaving to go to school in sep/jan next year i have their spaces full as well!


LoveMyGirls · 06/02/2006 16:25

blimey where are you booh?

OP posts:

badgerhead · 06/02/2006 16:53

I am full at the moment, until the end of the month when I have a full timer leaving me. So need to fill that space. Have plenty of after schoolers & don't want any more of them!


mineheadsharon · 06/02/2006 17:29

well it took me five months to fill one of my spaces and i still have two more. i live in middx i think it pot luck


ThePrisoner · 06/02/2006 18:23

I'm full with all age groups, although don't necessarily have all the schoolchildren every afternoon (shift work), which is nice. I've been minding for years, and most of the work I have has been by word-of-mouth.

I've had most of the schoolchildren since they were babies (the 10 and 11 years olds), and they've got younger siblings too. Many new parents I mind for seem to like this, as there is some kind of assurance that I'm not suddenly going to jack it all in, and also that I can't be all bad if they've chosen to stay (although it's really because no-one else would be mad enough to have them!!)

Oooo, my head is getting so big that I can't fit through the door now ...


mum2akebk · 06/02/2006 20:33

I'm more full than I wished to be really although I know I shoudn't moan (and I'm not!). I have 3 under 5's (under 3s really-1 being my own)full time and I have 1 5 year old after schoolie 4 eves a week and 2 6 year olds (1 being my own, the other 5 eves a week). I did want to start off part time during the day as I didn't want my own daughter, who is now 20 months, to miss out on my attention. However, I just wasn't receiving any enquiries so when a call came for siblings full time I felt I couldn't turn it down. I do enjoy it, however I do have some behaviour problems with my own daughter-although that may have happened anyway.
I must admit once I had agreed to take these children on I had a spate of phone calls-typical!


ladbrokegrove · 06/02/2006 20:35

i'm full!

This isn't cos I'm brilliant or anything but because i've got 1 full time and 2 dd's, so that's my 3 under 5's.

Alison222 where are you?


Tan1959 · 06/02/2006 22:06

It took me 7 months before I had my first enquiry - I don't think that my local CIS had me on their vacancy list! Since September, I have gradually started receiving enquiries; I now have 1 vacancy left to fill on Mon - Thurs and 2 vacancies Friday. Until I fill all my vacancies, financially it will continue to be very difficult.


diddle · 07/02/2006 08:29

I'm not full at the moment, but i'm as full as i want to be, a few have just gone off to school but i'm not replacing them until after i've had my own baby in June, then i'll be full again.
I'm in the midlands, there appears to be a large demand at the moment, i have had a lot of calls recently.


alison222 · 07/02/2006 10:30

ladbrookegrove - i'm in Ealing.
there always seem to be people looking for spaces for babies, but the breakfast and afternoon clubs have teken a lot of the school aged childrens places up around here.

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