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public liability insurance

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LoveMyGirls · 03/02/2006 10:18

any ideas on how it takes from when you send off your quality start form?

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nzshar · 03/02/2006 12:39

Not long for me LoveMyGirls I sent off the form to Young in Herts ....cos thats where i am ....they sent it back within a week stamped and signed then i filled out the rest and sent it on to NCMA they have already sent a cover note for the insurance within the week.


LoveMyGirls · 03/02/2006 13:31

thanks i was beginning to panic! i want to be up and running by march./ i keep thinking there are things ive forgotton, i spose when i get everuything through in the post and i can start advertising i will be ok. have you started yet if not what stage are you at and hows it all going?

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Isyhan · 03/02/2006 16:53

Oh Im not registered yet whats a quality start form?


LoveMyGirls · 03/02/2006 22:16 it shows you the leaflet that you get if you havent got one i would call your early years centre and find out if you can apply.

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