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Childminders Club: NITS (need advice asap please)

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HellyBelly · 31/01/2006 10:42


Just a bit of advice please. I have a policy about nits and it doesn't exclude children, just says they need to treat.

I'm supposed to be seeing my nephew this afternoon as it's his birthday but my sister has just told me that my neice has nits. Should I therefore not go in case I actually cause an outbreak? Both my ds and mindee are at pre-school now and they have nits going round (we've had letters) so not sure whether it will make a difference seeing my neice and nephew as they are at risk at school anyway.

What are your thoughts?

(I've got an itchy head now and saw my neice on Friday, not knowing about the nits - probably just being paranoid, scratch scratch )

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HenniPenni · 31/01/2006 10:52

As long as theres no head to head contact you will be fine to go.

Have had to treat headlice in DD3 this weeken, I know what you mean about scratch scratch

HellyBelly · 31/01/2006 11:16

Thanks for that! Can't stop stratching now

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 31/01/2006 18:44

Still scratching??

HellyBelly · 31/01/2006 19:01

Wasn't until I saw this post - thanks for that TP

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