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retainer fees

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lexiemum · 25/01/2006 15:30

I've just got a cm and have been asked for a retainer to keep place open - we're meeting up next friday to discuss and sign contract but what is reasonable.

I need two full days of 8.5hrs from april but up until then i need 2-3hrs 2days during feb(well starting in 2wks), so they can settle in, then one full day per week for march - obviously i'll be paying her for these hours so what else is reasonable and should this be refundable against the final month?

hourly rate is £3.50 per child and its for 2 children.

suggestions please.

OP posts:

katymac · 25/01/2006 16:50

2 x 8.5 hr days Times the number of weeks /divided by 2 for the hours/days that you aren't using

So for feb say

2 x 5.5 hr days Times the number of weeks /divided by 2
Plus 6 hrs a week at standard rate

and for March

1 x 8.5 hr days Times the number of weeks /divided by 2
Plus full day a week at standard rate

Good Luck sorting it out


HellyBelly · 25/01/2006 18:51

Deposits should be refundable but retainers are to keep the place saved for you so no, not normally refunded.



jillyjay · 26/01/2006 13:18

hi there. I have term time only children and (don't laugh) I charge £5.per child per week during hols. Got another starting soon, what would you all recommend I charge this one?

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