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Anyone recommend a c/minder in gwent please?

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pepperpots · 23/01/2006 18:30

title says it all really need fulltime care for my 2ds aged 3 and 19 months

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pepperpots · 23/01/2006 18:58


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katymac · 23/01/2006 18:59

it might take a bit longer Pepperpots....but if there is someone they will find you

babydales · 24/01/2006 07:52


SqueakyCat · 24/01/2006 09:37

I've put an idea on your other thread. HTH

In the end I got a nanny to come to us.

pepperpots · 25/01/2006 10:05


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frankieb · 25/01/2006 19:37

I am a childminder in Cardiff, prob too far boo-hoo but if you call Childrens Services on 029 20520100 they will be able to give you a listing for your area or put you in touch with someone who can help.
Hope you are lucky soon

pepperpots · 25/01/2006 20:47

thanks i have had the list and yet had no joy still theres always time

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frankieb · 25/01/2006 21:01

Have you tried Netmums website, you log into your area, there are loads of CM's in the Cardiff area advertising on there, I havent looked elsewhere, where are you living?

pepperpots · 25/01/2006 21:03

yeah i have posted on there looking and have so far only recieved a response from a lady in swansea. I live in cwmbran but i drive so i could travel a little bit and im hoping to work just between newport and cardiff

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frankieb · 26/01/2006 11:28

I had a chat to my NCMA Development Worker who visited me this morning, she gave me a contact who may be able to help you:
Yvonne Hayes
Development Worker for Rhondda Cyn Taff
01633 255359
Can't believe you are having so much trouble finding someone. I'm from Pontypool originally BTW.
Take care

pepperpots · 26/01/2006 11:54

frankie you are angel thank you so much the problem is that i need a c/minder that has 2 spaces and full time aswell i have found a few with one vacancy but would rather not seperate at all

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pepperpots · 26/01/2006 11:55

just wondering actually which part of cardiff do you live?

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frankieb · 26/01/2006 12:11

I live just near the Heath Hosp, just near Gabalfa Interchange, off Whitchurch Road.
What are you hoping to go back to work to do BTW

pepperpots · 26/01/2006 12:13

Im looking into going into prison service. Had an inetview with lloyds but it was shift work which i dont really fancy. They have the new building celtic springs just between newport and cardiff

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PeachyClair · 26/01/2006 12:16

I got my childminder (Caerleon) by way of the childrens services list (her surname is Cox, she's on there but can't give numbers here- not sure of vacancies but she is perfect). they were really helpful.

pepperpots · 26/01/2006 12:29

thanks hun caerleon isnt too far from me either is she on the cis list? i still have it will have another look i might have already called

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PeachyClair · 26/01/2006 12:32

Yes she is on the list, that's how I found her. If you have called, call again, tell her Harry's Mum recommended her and ask if she knows anyone, she's friendly, helpful and has been CM for ages so is likely to.


pepperpots · 26/01/2006 12:37

do you live in caerleon too? i will def give her a ring thanks

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PeachyClair · 26/01/2006 12:38

I do indeed, where are you based then?

pepperpots · 26/01/2006 12:42

croesy at the mo but looking to move up the valleys way have sold my house small world huh?

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PeachyClair · 26/01/2006 15:51

Let me know when you get here.

pepperpots · 26/01/2006 20:54

ooh possibly found a house in ebbw vale we were supposed to be moving to a house in griff but there was some confusion about the children and then we were going to move, then found out the people who bought my house havent even had there mortgage offer yet so had to cancel the move and decided that we are prob not going for it, as this house is cheaper and bigger

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PeachyClair · 27/01/2006 12:22

Cheap is GOOD!

Caerleon isn't cheap at all, but it's near Uni and the schhols (for all I whinge) are fantastic so it's a trade off. I'd go deeper into Wales but Dh works in bristol.

pepperpots · 30/01/2006 09:42


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frankieb · 02/02/2006 13:38

Any luck yet? Hows the job hunt going?
Did you call the contact number I gave you and was it any use?
Hope things are working out.

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