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Childminders Club - URGENT help with monthly fee.......

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HellyBelly · 20/01/2006 12:33

Left this a bit late haven't I, got lady coming round in an hour.

Just wanting to make sure this sounds ok. If a customer pays monthly, is this the right way to work out the amount?

£weekly x 52 divided by 12 = monthly

Then any holiday - daily fee x number of days deducted from next bill.

Does that sound right?

Also, I'm worried this charge sounds too much, can you let me know what you think please:

My hourly rate is £3.50 (8am - 6pm) and £4 outside these hours.

Care from 6.45am - 6.30pm =

£35 (8am-6pm)
£ 4 (7-8am)
£ 2 (6-6.30pm)
£ 1 (6.45-7am)
£42 per day (£182 per month)

When I worked it out it sounded a lot - what do you think?

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Isyhan · 20/01/2006 12:41

Hellybelly - it depends what the rate is in your area I think. I know the rate Im going to charge matches other CM's in my area and that can be up to 4.00 per hour.

I would work it out by taking your holidays out first so that might be 52 minus 4 weeks that leaves you 48 weeks over the year. So times your weekly rate by 48 then divide by 12.

I havent started childminding yet but im ok with figures and its something Ive been getting my head round before I do start.

mumlove · 20/01/2006 12:46

When I got paid monthly by 1 of the parents it was always in advance and she worked it out by how many days her child was comming that month.
They came 2 days per week = Eg. mon & fri. So for 4 weeks it was 8 days and then if there was the 5 monday in the month that was added on, and the fri was added then to the next months pay.
EG. feb would be from fri 3rd-mon 27th.

Hope you understand that, if not I am sure you will get more advice.

HellyBelly · 20/01/2006 12:47

The rate is standard in my area so the hourly rate I'm not worried about. Just wondering if I should offer a reduction as it's a 12 hour day almost.

As for the holiday bit. I've been childminding for nearly 7 months now and haven't taken any holiday yet (just when mindee has been off). I like your idea about the 48 weeks as then I'm being paid the same even when I'm on holiday so I don't have a big loss HOWEVER, I'm worried that if they were with you a short time and you took no holiday, you'd have been paid less. Probably swings and roundabouts but any other thoughts out there?

Thanks for your quick response btw!

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HellyBelly · 20/01/2006 12:49

Cheers mumlove. I could do this but I sort of want the same amount each month if possible to help with my monthly bills so I know where I stand (I'm the only income provider at the mo! )

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HellyBelly · 20/01/2006 13:09

anyone else?

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badgerhead · 20/01/2006 13:18

I have a family with 2 children, one they pay weekly for, she is 19 months & one monthly, he is 7.5 years. For the monthly one I work out the fees for the term times, holidays, (school & mine) and divide the whole lot by 12. Sounds complicated but works really well for us.

HellyBelly · 20/01/2006 13:23


So for the monthly one, do you just knock your holiday off the following months bill?

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HellyBelly · 20/01/2006 13:28

Due in 2 mins - wish I knew what she was paying current minder (who I know!)

OP posts:
HellyBelly · 20/01/2006 14:31

After all that, we've agreed weekly . Still interested in opinions for next contract that's monthly!


OP posts:
Isyhan · 20/01/2006 14:40

hellbelly- why dont you bill them monthly in advance ( any extras can be added on to the following months bill)put the money in a separate account but only work on spending the 52 weeks / 12 monthly amount then the extra left in will cover your hols.

saltire · 20/01/2006 14:43

Heres what i do
I have two girls who come, the youngest one i have two weeks ,mornings only, and then the other 2 wkks i have her in the morning and both in the afternoon

EG, WK 1 and 3 child a mrning only (8till12)
WK 2 and 4 child a in morning, A and B in afternoons.i charge the mother a set rate of £90 per week.which is £360 a month. This means that i get a lot more on weeks 1 and 3 compared to the hours i work, but i know i'm getting the same amount every month.I charge on a 4 week basis.

She pays me in advance, any changes (eg Kids being ill, holidays etc) are carried over to the next bill.

I also have another child whose mum pays me by my hourly rate, on a weekly basis, as her hours are never the same from one week to the next.

Does that make sense?

saltire · 20/01/2006 14:44

I wish i could charge £3.50 where i live. My rate is £2.75 per hour, which is pretty average for this area

HellyBelly · 20/01/2006 18:16

Thanks again

Saltire - £3.50 is standard in my area, others charge £4+ We don't have many minders in our local villages though which may be why?

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Tan1959 · 20/01/2006 23:21

Hellybelly - no advice really on the monthly one as I charge a set amount daily x how ever many days, weekly in advance; any extra hours I work within that week is paid to me on the last day of that week. I think £42 sounds fine for a 12 hour day if your hourly rate is in line with others in your area iyswim - my hourly rate is quite a bit higher than yours but again it is in line with others in my area; some charge £1 lower, some £1 higher ph. As far as offering a reduction goes, a 12 hour day is a long day Helly, I am quite firm in this respect - I have often thought of lowering my fees or offering a reduction if I work an 11 or 12 hour day but I am trying to earn a living so I tend not to do this

Good luck with your new little one

HellyBelly · 21/01/2006 11:27

Thanks Tan - she was happy with the full rate and so it's sorted. I must admit, I want to make it worth my while having an early start like that - normally still in bed then

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