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What's the best time to contact a potential childminder?

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waggledancer · 20/01/2006 08:41

Probably being too sensitive about this but am looking for childminder and am wondering what time of day is best to make contact. Is it during the day when they might be busy with the children but is in their working hours or in the evening when they could be more available to talk?
Can any childminders out there tell me their preferences.

OP posts:
Booh · 20/01/2006 08:46

To me it really doesn't make any difference as anytime of the day can be a bad/good time!

If I get a call I say it is a bad time I arrange a mutally convienient time to call again!

Give a call, but I wouldn't call before 9:30 as most are out doing the school run!

badgerhead · 20/01/2006 09:07

I actually prefer over the lunchtime or early afternoon, usually out & about or busy in the mornings & extra hectic after school until 5.30 ish

saltire · 20/01/2006 09:34

If it's a bad time when someone calls me, i just say and arrange another time. However i dn't mind being called early evening, say between 6 and 7.

HappyMumof2 · 20/01/2006 10:45

Message withdrawn

waggledancer · 20/01/2006 12:11

Thanks for the help. Will make some calls if ds ever takes a nap today!

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 20/01/2006 18:26

If I am too busy when someone rings (daytime or evening), I will take a phone number and will ring back as soon as I can or at a mutually agreed better time.

Tan1959 · 20/01/2006 23:23

I too don't mind at all being called during the day but if too busy to speak, (which I usually am) take number and call back at mutually convenient time.

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