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Childminders Club: Contract Signing Tomorrow - advice on questions for baby please :-)

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HellyBelly · 19/01/2006 20:20

Hello again

My mum from Monday has called to arrange contract signing tomorrow afternoon. This will be for one day a week for a 6 month old (she was 2 months prem but believe nothing is different).

I've drawn up several contracts for children aged 18 months+ but as this is a baby, I will have more questions about routine, times of feeds etc.

Anyone able to help me with what details we need to note down?


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ThePrisoner · 19/01/2006 22:39

I just ask parents to write out a kind of "Idiot's Guide To Looking Your Baby" - basically, just their usual daily routine - nap times, feed times, how they go to sleep etc. I suggest that they write down what position the baby likes to be comforted in (on shoulder, in arms etc.) The more information given, the better.

If you are making the baby's food, are there any likes or dislikes (by baby or parent)? Do you need to use any creams when changing nappy? Does the child have any kind of comforter (dummy, teddy, blanket)? Is there anything the baby doesn't like? As I said, it's a real "idiot's guide", but can be useful.

Hope that is the sort of thing you are talking about and, if it is, hope it helps.


katymac · 19/01/2006 22:42

One of my mums wrote a timetable of a typical day - that was really useful

Also how is the baby when she is


That should help


HellyBelly · 20/01/2006 00:15

Perfect - just what I was after - THANKS!

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Tan1959 · 20/01/2006 22:58

Hi Hellybelly: there's not really anything I can add to TP's & KM's reply as I too asked the mum of my 13 wk old for her usual daily routine so I could follow it as best I could - I also asked if I could feed baby slightly earlier if I felt baby was fractious because of hunger (didn't want to make baby wait four hours if mum also feeds on demand).

That's brilliant that she is coming to sign Contracts - just realised the date of your post - hopefully she came today then?


HellyBelly · 21/01/2006 11:29

Contract signed, starts 14th Feb (which happens to be current mindees birthday, valentines day AND the day before my BIG 30 - starting to feel old now )

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