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Needed : Nanny/Childminder for NW London 4.5 days/week

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fluffymummy · 19/01/2006 17:35

I'm planning to go back to work early/mid March when ds1 is 6.5/7 months old (and am already freaking out slightly about leaving him). With any luck I'll be able to negotiate a 4 day working week so I can spend Fridays with the little 'un but I'd be willing to pay for 4.5 days a week childcare to give me a bit of extra cover on my day off! Please please let me know if you're in my area, or can recommend anyone who is...thanks!!
PS I'd be happy to nanny-share if there's anyone out in my area in the same situation!

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kkey21 · 19/01/2006 21:08

Hi, where abouts in NW are you please? x

fluffymummy · 20/01/2006 13:02

hi kkey21, i'm in N2, but am near N3 and nearside of NW11

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kkey21 · 20/01/2006 22:36

Hi! I know where you are-i used to work local to there!... I have a Ds who is the same age as yours, i am a nanny also, but live abit far away for a nanny day but i will ask around in the nanny circle. What hours are you looking for? x

fluffymummy · 21/01/2006 18:47

Hi kkey21 Hours don't need to be too long at the moment as I work close to home most of the time (and from home some of it) although there will be the need for occasional longer days. Mostly I'm looking for 8.30am(ish) to 5.30/6 pm and ideally just Monday-Thursday unless I can find a full time nanny share. I'd really appreciate it if you could ask around, I've not really got going searching yet! Don't suppose you're thinking about childminding alongside your ds?

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HappyMumof2 · 21/01/2006 19:22

Message withdrawn

kkey21 · 22/01/2006 12:53

I'm now in Hertford and yes i am registering to be a childminder incase i find nannying to long a day with my Ds, and have been approached by my neighbours asking the same!! x

fluffymummy · 23/01/2006 18:27

Hey HMof2, no haven't tried that yet - thought I'd see if there was a quick and easy fix through MN (ie someone who said "hey, I live just down the road and my ds/dd is exactly the same age and I also need those days/hours etc!"). OK, a bit optimistic maybe .
Have you tried SC? Is it any good? I was a bit wary of shelling out as the free search for my area seemed to provide lots of options but most were about 6 months out of date. Hmm, maybe I should start another thread?
Kkey21 - don't suppose you want to move a bit nearer me hon???!

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HappyMumof2 · 23/01/2006 18:29

Message withdrawn

fluffymummy · 23/01/2006 19:49


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Pollyanna · 25/01/2006 14:38

my au pair is looking for a live out job starting in March. She has been with me for a year and has experience (sole charge now) of looking after babies and toddlers. I would class her as more of a mother's help/nanny than an au pair now and trust her with my children! CAT me if you want any info

fluffymummy · 31/01/2006 18:44

How do I do CAT???! Help please!!

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ThePrisoner · 31/01/2006 21:06

Click on "contact another talker" at top of page

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