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childminder club - Should i start advertising?

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LoveMyGirls · 17/01/2006 09:47

im about a month away from being registered and was wondering if i should be advertising yet?

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Icemum · 17/01/2006 09:49

I would and did start advertising before I was registered.


HellyBelly · 17/01/2006 09:49

I was told you're not allowed to advertise until you are registered and have your certificate - I may have been told wrong but it did make sense. I started advertising when I got the letter to say they wanted to payment for the certificate as I knew it would be ok then.

Have you seen the list of advertising places on here? If not, I'll bump the thread for you!


HellyBelly · 17/01/2006 09:50

Crossed posts - maybe ok then?


Icemum · 17/01/2006 09:54

Ooh didn't know that helly hope I don't get anybody into trouble although did say available from such and such a date. Not that it made any difference as I didn't get any calls....still don't for that matter, I have still got the same vacancies now that I had 18 months ago. Hope that makes sence, it's a bit of a ramble really..


LoveMyGirls · 17/01/2006 10:03

thanks for replying, i am thinking about the sorts of advertising i want so i suppose theres nothing to stop me from getting everything ready and then advertising as soon as i get my certificate - how much is it helly i didnt realise i had to pay for it (now i sound really dumb!) i've paid the £14 registration fee and i've had OFSTED round and im sending off my actions letter today so hopefully im almost there i dont want to start until march anyway but i know from reading on here how long these things can take!

i have seen your thread helly and thanks for being so helpful i will be using your list as soon as i can! any other tips on starting up would be good

OP posts:

HellyBelly · 17/01/2006 10:08

If you decide to advertise before registration, just make sure it doesn't have the word 'registered childminder' in there as you may get into trouble (although I'm sure you wouldn't). It was Ofsted that told me I couldn't advertise legally but hey, we're always getting told different things .

Icemum - have you advertised on those online places? Most of my calls are from people searching on google etc. or seeing my website advertised somewhere. Maybe you have lots of minders in your area?


HellyBelly · 17/01/2006 10:08

I thought it was £14 I paid so maybe you've paid yours already? I can't remember but it will be on my expenses somewhere so I'll have a look!


LoveMyGirls · 17/01/2006 10:12

is the website a good idea then helly cause dp is building me one but i havent really been bothered, he keeps asking me to write things to go on the site but i've been a bit busy with other things but if it would help i would stick it a bit nearer the top of my priorities

OP posts:

Icemum · 17/01/2006 10:14

Helly, there are loads of minders in my area, I spoke to somebody at school who is in the process of registering who was told that there's a shortage of minders in this area!! and at her ICP course there were a further five in this area who are in the process of registering.
I have tried all the places on your list, have a website up and running and generally make it known that I'm available for work.

It is getting to the stage now where i am seriously thinking of giving up as we need more money coming in than I am earning


HellyBelly · 17/01/2006 10:18

Lovemygirls - it helps me loads. The parents have usually read the policies online and quite often decide before they come that they are happy based on my website funny enough Not everyone goes online so you have to try all avenues but it's really helped me and impressed many parents - I get emails from parents who don't live near me but want to compliment me on the service I offer . This is why I started doing these as my other business! I'd say shove it up the list a bit

Icemum - I feel for you as I know people in the same boat. We don't have many minders in my area but then again we live in a small area so don't need as many. Must be really hard for you. Wish I could help!


LoveMyGirls · 17/01/2006 10:58

ok will do! thanks helly

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