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how much.....

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rummum · 08/01/2006 21:26

I work in a pre school and am NVQ3 qualified.. My neighbour asked me to look after her Son. (the son didn't want to go to her regular childminders anymore as he had no one of his age to play with... I agreed to have him.. as he played well with my Son who is the same age... anyway she only gives me £2 an hour..
my husband thinks she is taking advantage of my good nature...
Can someone please tell me what is the going rate...

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helsi · 08/01/2006 21:27

sorry but i only pay £2 ph. although some round here charge as much as £3.50. hope you get some useful advice.


starlover · 08/01/2006 21:28

no idea but i think by law you have to be a registered childminder to be paid to look after kids in your own house?

or are you? sorry if i am being stupid!

£2 an hour is peanuts and she ought to be paying much more than that i would have thought.... definitely taking advantage


Twiglett · 08/01/2006 21:28

depends on area you are in .. anywhere from £2.50 up to £7 I suppose


you have to be registerd as a childminder to look after someone else's child in your home for more than 2 hours a week


Yorkiegirl · 08/01/2006 21:28

Message withdrawn


katymac · 08/01/2006 21:28

If you look after him for more than 2 hrs a day- you should be registered

You can get C/M rates from the website


rummum · 08/01/2006 21:33

I have him maybe for 2 or 3 days a week for about 2 hours... he is 7
I did in fact offer to become registered as I thought she could claim the money back...

I thought childminders charged more... I'm shocked its not more..

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katymac · 08/01/2006 21:35

Why not register

Are there a lot of minders in your area

Have a look on that website for your postcade - you can see how many there are and how much they charge


rummum · 08/01/2006 22:14

Thanks for the links katymac.....
There are so many childminers in this area...
Will think about becoming registered..

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