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Nanny share/Out of school care wanted in Camden, London, NW1

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CamdenLondon · 06/01/2006 12:01

I am looking for someone to care for my daughter outside school hours (ie. collect her from school at 3:30pm and care for her until I get home at 6:30pm-7pm, and full-time during the holidays). I'm particularly looking for any local family who would be interested in a nannyshare (we have had our current nanny for 2 years and she is absolutely fantastic - but I can't go on paying her a full time salary by myself indefinitely, when she is only actually working part time). Please contact me if you are interested! (Not only in a nannyshare, but if you are a local mum who could look after my daughter for some extra cash, or if you are a student/teacher who would want to do this type of work/these hours). Thank you very much.

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