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childminders club - brainwave or silly idea?

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lunavix · 03/01/2006 22:43

As I've said on a previous thread, dh and I have found out we are expecting a baby in August (which we are delighted about!)

my mind is already going into overdrive with what I should do once we tell parents (at twelve weeks) and what to do about the 'giving birth' period of time.

I can't really afford to lose too much money (it would be hard pushed to drop down to £100 a week as per SMP or whatever it is as it's my earnings that can afford us this baby) and while I know I will need time off, I'm both obviously unsure how much (would depend on birth) and worried that I might possibly lose mindees.

So I've had an idea.. hire a CM assistant. If I hired someone to help during the 'harder' time, surely it would be a big help?

I have ds, who will be 2.4 months when the baby is born, twins who will have just turned 3 three days a week 8 - 6, and 3 school age children. To be honest, I'm not worried about the school age kids, it's more the twins (and ds!) who won't be going to preschool the days I have them.

So my main 'wants' are:

a CM assistant (I believe they'd HAVE to have done the ICP, be police checked etc.. or is that only if they're to be given sole charge?)
possibly only for the three days I have the twins
maybe slightly shorter hours (9 - 5 or 10 - 4 instead of 8 - 6?)
max of around £6 a hour?
for only 1 - 2 months? (flexible)

Does this sound reasonable? How could it all go tits up?

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 03/01/2006 23:21

An assistant does not have to be registered as a childminder, but will have to be CRB checked, but you shouldn't then leave them in sole charge.

You'd have to pay at least the minimum wage, unless it's a relative (hurrah to me for having teen dds!) I think you'd have to look at the tax implications as well?? (but that is based on ancient info from a couple of years ago - if they're temporary, might that be different?) Katymac must know these answers!

A couple of minding friends have done what you are suggesting, but used relatives (the same rules apply) - it was short-term to cover recuperation after surgery. They had wriiten permission from minding parents that they were OK with this, though I don't think this was necessarily essential.


katymac · 04/01/2006 07:03

I think the written permission would be necessary - as you might fall asleep leaving the children in the sole care of the assistant.

Tax & NI are OK if this is their only job and they earn less than about £80 a week

See if you can get a uni student they don't usually go back until Beginning of OCt (which might be OK??)

They must have a contract but business link might help with that (or the JC)

I'll have a think about anything else.....during the day


diddle · 04/01/2006 17:47

lunavix - you have the same worries as me, i am due in June. I am planning on having 4 wks off for a few of the kids and longer for some others. The money drop will hit us hard, hence the fast return to work. my mom has agreed to help if needed.
To have 4 under 5's you will need permission from ofsted and they may refuse you. so please be prepared to go through the motions for it.
I have considered hiring an assistant but know very little about it. woudl be worth looking into. where can we get advice about it??


lunavix · 05/01/2006 13:47

Katy - How do I hire someone? I don't have family who can help, so it will need to possibly be a friend or relative. It might be under 80 but might be over... how do I go about it?

What about leaving them in sole charge for an hour (you do that don't you) what do they need to have done?

diddle - not just me! We really can't afford a huge price drop, it's mostly the twins I'm worried about so it's those three days I need the cover really.

OP posts:

katymac · 05/01/2006 15:47

Job Centre
Mums at school
Ad in PO

You will have to pay tax & NI on the weeks they earn over about £80

CAT me if you want more info

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