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Childminders Club: I've just had the strangest offer from mindees parents..............................ADVICE?..................

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HellyBelly · 03/01/2006 19:10

Some of you already know that income has been tight for a couple of months and then dh got sacked on Christmas Eve (we're going for unfair/wrongful dismissal)

Mindees mum is aware of the situation as I was round there on Christmas Eve to give a present.

Anyway............she's collected mindee tonight and asked about me and dh doing this together to get more children and more money. I reminded her that this was something we'd like but the numbers cannot be increased due to our house size, we don't even get the full 6.

Then she said "what about if it was at our house?" I couldn't believe it. They have a big house (well, much bigger than ours) and it's full of lovely things that I'd be worried about breaking etc. It doesn't look lived in so I was sooo surprised with this offer. I told her my concerns about her lovely house being trashed and she wasn't at all concerned. I said "haha, wait til you ask your dh!" She said "oh, he's speaking to his ofsted friend to find out if it's ok" .

I was really touched as she said she didn't want to loose me and bless them, it's such a nice offer but a) I don't know whether this is even allowed? and b) I have many concerns like the house being a mess, I feel that a lot of things would need to be changed in their house to make it look like children are there (no childrens things downstairs at the mo as mindee is mainly with me or they are out), what about food? Worried about problems long term like if they didn't want me anymore then I'd could loose other children etc etc. Having said that, we are talking short term until dh gets a full time job (just might take time).

Another question, he would have to be fully registered wouldn't he? or could he still just continue as my assistant with more kids? (obviously after approval from Ofsted).

Really not sure about this but wanted to sound it out to you guys!!

Still a bit

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fireflyfairy2 · 03/01/2006 19:41

It sounds like she is a very generous woman.. it also would need a whole lot of thinking about. Would you need different insurance, what about electricity bills, phone bill etc.. how would your other mindees parents feel about it? How would you feel if she changed her mind?
So would you and your dh be driving there every day to start work? What happens if you have mindees starting at 7am and the occupants of the house don't leave until 9am.. would you and dh plus the 2 adults of the house all be there together? Do you work until 6pm, if so will the owners of the house expect you to have their dinner made or anything like that?
I know I ask a lot of questions, but it sounds like a good idea, if it was all thought out properly and you all did want to make a go of it short-term.

HellyBelly · 03/01/2006 20:04

I know, it would take loads of thinking about as their house alone isn't ready for childminding let alone all the other concerns. I've had their dd for 6 months now from 8.30 - 6.30 Mon - Thurs yet the mum works from 10-5 so would be around at the start and the end. I've got a whole load of concerns and yes, I don't have their dd on Friday's so that would be strange!

I'm just not sure, it was such a surprise I just don't know what to think. Thanks for the added concerns - I need to look from all angles and probably won't have thought of everything so need as much advice as poss!

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katymac · 03/01/2006 22:11

Helly - be very careful - you CANNOT childmind in a house that you don't live in

I was discussing this with OFSTED about 4 weeks ago - she wants me to run a nursery and I want to stay C/ I asked if I could operate from another house.....she said only if the person living in the house was also a C/Mer (ie like the 2 ladies who work for me - they couldn't carry on in my house if I gave up iyswim)

ThePrisoner · 03/01/2006 22:34

I know someone who used to do this though, but it was at a relative's house, and there wasn't a problem with OFSTED at all. I wonder if it's the usual "depends who you talk to" again?

I don't think I would want to do this in anyone else's house though.

HellyBelly · 04/01/2006 09:43

Thanks Katymac, I was obviously going to check but thought it was ok as I know someone else who was registered at her mums house - maybe because it's family it's ok? Anyway, the more I think about the idea, the more I worry that it wouldn't work - I like being at home and don't want to be childminding on a Friday for example with mindee in house but me not in charge as I think it would cause problems (when I popped in to give presents she was very different as her mum and dad were there so she acted up!). I was only thinking about the idea as things are so desperate. Will phone Ofsted to find out where I stand so that if they say no, at least that will make my mind up for me iyswim.

Thanks for the advice again!

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bambi06 · 04/01/2006 10:11

i think i would just persevere and keep it at your house.. there would be too many problems to overcome although it s a very generous offer and obviously lovely people..why cant you keep it on although your dh is unemployed?

HellyBelly · 04/01/2006 10:42

Long story but in short we're worried that dh will find it hard getting a job for a while due to his age and the fact we've been here before (with redundancy). Dh and I have talked about me maybe having to get a job instead and they don't want me to stop having their dd.

Nice offer but I really want to be told it's not allowed and then it's an easy decision, if that makes sense?!

At the moment I have a vacancy to fill so I told them that there's no point in being registered for more children (with dh) if I can't even fill my own numbers. Having said that, I had loads of enquires before Christmas and turned down the odd day ones as there's a possibility of a full time baby and this would be better long term. With more numbers then I could keep one vacancy and still be able to take others on for odd days, that would be the only financial benefit.

The more I think about it the more it's just not worth it. Would be very strange!

I'm just waiting for the Early Years person to get back to me to confirm what's what!

OP posts:
HellyBelly · 04/01/2006 12:41

Well, sounds like the only way this is possible is if the mindees parents ran the business and employed me but this would affect their mortgage, insurance etc. This isn't worth it as it was only going to be fairly temporary anyway! I'm actually pleased to have been told this as I tried to air my concerns this morning but she was trying to sell the idea to me!

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mumlove · 04/01/2006 12:59

Just an idea.
How would your husband be about being your assistant? Then you can get written permisson for him to care for mindees alone while you get a job to cover the time while dh looks for a job!
Could it work?

HellyBelly · 04/01/2006 14:01

He is an assistant at the moment (for emergencies) but is only allowed to look after them with me there to oversee him (or maybe even for up to 2 hours without me there - this bit I'm not sure about but I'm fairly sure he wouldn't be able to do the full days I do unless I was there!)

Thanks though!

OP posts:
mumlove · 04/01/2006 14:14

I have my mum as my assistant, for the times when I/DD is ill/hols cover. It is wrote on my registration, but also when it happens I need a note from the parents to say they are happy.
Is it worth phoning ofsted to ask?

HellyBelly · 04/01/2006 14:23

So she's not a registered childminder then? I'm sure they said no when I asked a few weeks ago at my inspection?

Ok, I'll call again! Already called 3 times today about the house thing and to ask if I can scan my report onto my website. Suppose I can call again though!

Will let you know what they say! I presume we'd still have to wait for an enhanced CRB check though?

OP posts:
mumlove · 04/01/2006 14:39

I registered nearly 12yrs ago now and she always has been my assistant from the begining as I still lived at home and she was there. Have not had any police checks done since then!
I hope they say he can as it would help in the short term. Good luck.

HellyBelly · 04/01/2006 14:45

Phoned them, as I thought, he's only allowed to be alone with mindees under 8 for up to 2 hours with written permission from parents. Any more than 2 hours he has to be registered! It's as I thought! Reckon things are a lot more strict these days!

Must go and wake mindee now!


OP posts:
katymac · 04/01/2006 15:47

Why not register him then - it won't take too long and the 1st Aid course is always useful

HellyBelly · 04/01/2006 15:51

He's been on full week first aid course with old work (same week as my course actually )

As for registering, it's 12 weeks round here, if not longer. It's a possibility but won't help for a few months

OP posts:
katymac · 04/01/2006 15:52

But your house is already registered - it should be quite quick (and he will have an enhanced check won't he?)

HellyBelly · 04/01/2006 15:54

I phoned Ofsted today and they said he needs to go through whole process which made me think the same as I did. He has a CRB but not enhanced as people living there who are not reg'd only need standard. This took ages for mine!

OP posts:
HellyBelly · 04/01/2006 15:54

You really reckon it won't take long? I may speak to Early Years to see when next course is running!

OP posts:
katymac · 04/01/2006 15:59

Well I registered one of my ladies and it took from Beg April to mid may so 6 weeks?

HellyBelly · 04/01/2006 16:05

Well it's worth a try then! He said he's willing to do the course bless him!

One good thing about him being at home, I get to pop on here a bit more while he 'assists'!

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alibubbles · 04/01/2006 17:43

Message withdrawn

HellyBelly · 04/01/2006 17:51

I know that but they said because I would be minding the dd of the people who own the house, it's not that simple and it would have to be their business and I'd have to be employed??? Confused

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