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About my earlier nannying post...

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nannyme · 28/12/2005 22:43

After posting to offer my services as a nanny I contacted mumsnet to see if this was allowed as it was an advert, in effect. They told me that it should be in the jobs section as a paid for ad so the thread would be closed, which it now is.

The last time I looked at my thread was when I was posting to say where I am located so any replies since then, I have not seen.

mumsnet advised getting in touch with one of the people who replied who seemed quite interested and I will do this. Beyond that, if anybody else wanted to enquire then please send me a message.

Meanwhile, I shall see if I can scrape together £25 for an ad!

Thanks mumsnet for the clarification. Screwballmuppet, I will be in touch - not sure where you are but the hours you require sound interesting!


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Tan1959 · 29/12/2005 16:53

Hi nannyme

I remember seeing your first post but cannot remember where you posted it - as I understood it, we (childminders, nannies) are able to advertise in the 'nanny shares' section without having to pay an advertising fee.

Screwballmuppet · 29/12/2005 17:01

I live in the North-East nannyme, Middlesbrough to be precise, where abouts are you?
If your anywhere near please contact me as were still interviewing, if not good luck and judging by your earlier post (job advert) am sure you'll be snapped up.

nannyme · 29/12/2005 17:38

Thanks Tan1959 for that piece of useful advice!

Screwballmuppet, thank you for your interest. I am near London so not suitable for you, but thank you for the vote of confidence!

I have replied in your thread about food and petrol! I hope you get it all sorted. Childcare is a complete minefield in my experience from both sides of the equation!

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