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Childminder required - Banbury or Oxford

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lexiemum · 27/12/2005 19:16

Hi there - guess this is the best place to ask. Starting to think about a childminder for April when return from mat leave. Looking either in Banbury (home) or Oxford (work-preferably headington/cowley border or risinghurst or wheatley) - not too picky just somewhere along commute!

Required for 2 days min, poss 3. Need two places for DD1 3 and DD2 7mths - ages in April.

For Banbury would be 8-6 and Oxford 930 to 530

Any recommendations or vacancies?

OP posts:
Jensmum · 27/12/2005 20:55


I think the majority of registered childminders are on here.

There's also this THREAD where all the childminders on here have put there name and some of us have put where we live aswell.

Good luck looking for a childminder there's also a couple of threads on here with questions to ask a childminder if you haven't used one before


ThePrisoner · 28/12/2005 00:38

Hi lexiemum - am local to you so might be able to steer you in the right direction. CAT me (if you want!)

lexiemum · 29/12/2005 19:36

thanks guys. prisoner - have Cat you. Jensmum - am aware of that link and have used it but because of the limited info about location etc and very few email addies I was trying my luck here before I sit on the phone - just so hate using the phone.

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 29/12/2005 21:49

lexiemum - will await your CAT!

ThePrisoner · 30/12/2005 17:22

Lexiemum - have received your CAT and have emailed you.

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