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Childminder needed urgently. Twickenham/surrounding areas

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yogamama · 20/12/2005 20:35

Hi all,

I have just got a new job which starts end of Jan. All sounds lovely, but with less than a week before xmas it's been a nightmare trying to find childcare. Stressed! Obviously, I don't want my dd just anywhere, so it is a big task in a very short space of time.

My job will be four days a week (mon, tues, thurs, fri)and full hours. My dd will be 17mths next month and I looking for someone in the Twickenham/Whitton/Hampton area. It's temporary, and will be 'til end of April, then she has a permanent place somewhere.

I've been on interviews today (no success as yet) and have got some for the rest of the week but understandably most people/nurseries are fully booked.

I've contacted C.I.S, recommended childminder network leaders, everyone!

If anyone knows anyone who may be available. I would be very interested in meeting them. Please contact my email address.



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blondehelen · 20/12/2005 20:40

try here. Found my childcare on here


blondehelen · 20/12/2005 20:41

sorry link didn't work. will try again.


blondehelen · 20/12/2005 20:42



uwilalalalalala · 20/12/2005 20:59

bauble99 (mumsnet christmas name) runs a nursery in Hampton. She might have a space. If I sent my kids to nursery, I'd definitely ring her up.

Can't think of the name of it just now.... I'll see if I can find it.


ladbrokegrove · 20/12/2005 21:11

Hi yogamama, there is an organisation called Richmond Childminding Group which might be able to help. They cover Twick/Hampton/Whitton and their number is 0208 891 6090


yogamama · 20/12/2005 21:27

Thanks everyone - will try the numbers tomorrow.

OP posts:

santabops · 20/12/2005 21:49

I know a few childminders. CAT me if you like


yogamama · 21/12/2005 08:14

Santabops - how do I CAT you?

OP posts:

uwilalalalalala · 21/12/2005 10:11

Click on "Contact Another Taler" at the top of the page.


yogamama · 22/12/2005 22:06

Found someone. Hurray! That was quite a task. Now I can start relaxing for Christmas. Cheers for all you help.


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