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childminders club- quick advice needed

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ladbrokegrove · 20/12/2005 13:01

Hi everybody, need some quick advice.
Briefly, mum (16) and grandma share drop off and pick up of baby. Today I have been asked to hand baby over to mums friend(14). Grandma doesn't want me to, says she would be worried about baby. Says I need to text mum to say I will only hand over as usual. I have told grandma I won't become involved in mother/daughter arguements, so not going to text, but want I really want to know is: who do I defer to? i know it would usually be the mum, but in light of the ages of everybody involved, I'm not sure. Help!

OP posts:
lunavix · 20/12/2005 13:02

who signed the contracts??

Hayls · 20/12/2005 13:05

I think it depends on whether you think the 14 yo is a responsible adult. Could you say no on that basis? I don't think I'd be comfortable with it. Thin k you should probably phoen the mum to explain this but don't think you're getting involved in mother/daughter issues as it's something you would have concerns about anyway

MrsBigD · 20/12/2005 13:06

Not sure about the legal side of this, however e.g. at the nursery where dd goes to, they will not hand over dd to somebody else but me, dh or nanny unless specifically told by myself or dh.

Though I think to hand a baby to a 14 year old would worry me. Not that I'm taking sides with Grandma here I am sure there are rather mature 14 year olds out there who can get a baby from A to B and even feed and change them safely

ladbrokegrove · 20/12/2005 13:09

Thanks- gut feeling was to say no based on age of friend, mum signed contracts on her own, but grandma is other main carer of child. I will call mum and say that I will only hand child over to the named people egmum and gran, but if she wants friend to be a named person we can add her on next contract review (next month)?

OP posts:
ladbrokegrove · 20/12/2005 13:12

Have I got a hope in hell of solving this and not "taking sides" with one or the other?!

OP posts:
Hayls · 20/12/2005 13:13

Definitely, have faith in yourself! y dd's nursery would not hand her over to somebody without prior warning, a description and a special code.
They also would not hand her over to someone under 16...

puppyisnotjustforxmas · 20/12/2005 13:21

Hi, I have a policy that I do not hand mindees over to under 16yrs,
I have taken one exception to this the parent has given me written permission that I can leave her twins with their older brother as sometimes she is ten minutes late getting home ( I take them home) saying this the twins I look after are 9years old and I would personally not feel happy at leaving young children/babies with a under 16.

ladbrokegrove · 20/12/2005 13:24

Should just point out I have met the 14 yr old as she quite often comes to collect with mum (from school), so it's not like I'd be handing baby over to someone I didn't know

OP posts:
jellyjelly · 20/12/2005 13:29

I wouldnt do it, the childs safety is paramount.

I used to have a pass over from one childminder to myself for one parent which went very well until one day i couldnt take the child for mother who then asked the other childminder to leave the child with a 16 year old but the parent didnt say that the 16 was very severly autistic and disabled so the care would by the 11 year old sister.

I now have a clause in the contract saying i will let any child leave with another person under the age of 18yrs.

babydales · 20/12/2005 13:33

Are you a member of the NCMA? If so I would phone them and ask for advice.If they too are not keen on the idea then at least you could say to mum that you are 'not allowed', so to speak,to leave child in the care of a 14yr old.

alibubbles · 20/12/2005 14:19

Message withdrawn

ladbrokegrove · 20/12/2005 16:54

Baby just left- with mum, the friend who all the fuss was about, and another friend! Mum said she only asked me to do it cos it was an emergency (someting to do with mock GCSE's that they're taking this week) so hopefully that will be the end of it.

Alibubbles- jeez, I didn't even know that it wasn't legally binding to 18. In light of this can I ask Grandma to countersign for next contract review? I want to be sensible about it but have no wish to undermine mum on account of age( she has enough of this in her life already!)

OP posts:
jellyjelly · 20/12/2005 17:17

Are they under care to learn?

alibubbles · 20/12/2005 20:14

Message withdrawn

ladbrokegrove · 20/12/2005 21:15

JJ- yes they are. It is my first (and only) mindee so very much finding my feet when dealing with the legal side of things.

alibubbles- why would the college have to sign the contract? The only involvement they'ver had so far is to sign the Care to Learn form stating they are the ed provider.

OP posts:
jellyjelly · 20/12/2005 21:53

When i used care to learn it was counter signed by the learning coordinator. Did they ever introduce you to one? Mine helped find me for the student.

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