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Nice activity for a visit tomorrow please

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peckarollover · 20/12/2005 11:39

I have the first visit of a new mindee starting tomorrow. This is the first time everything has been done formally as the other mindees were already known to me!

Mindee is 21 months and is coming with her Mum and first then staying for an hour on her own.

I want to think of a nice activity to do with them to ease us all in nicely!

There will be me, DD (6), DS (2) and Mindee (21 months)


OP posts:
santagotstuckOOPSthechimney · 20/12/2005 11:42

sticking is great fun, my ds1 loved it at that age and still does. The 6yr old dd may weel be able to help too. Lots of glitter and sparkly stuff. Mum will be impressed if you make her somethng to go home later maybe.
hth, good luck btw

HellyBelly · 20/12/2005 11:55

I agree - a favourite in my house!

Bozza · 20/12/2005 12:02

Yes agree that sticking (or stamping) covers the age range well. Maybe cut out a Christmas tree/stocking/snowman shape first.

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