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Going out of your way for parents......

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JeNOELum · 19/12/2005 17:44

Do you do this? For example - give them a lift home if they ask as its cold out (assuming you drive and they dont!)

Just wondered how far people go for the parents of mindees.

OP posts:

JeNOELum · 19/12/2005 17:54

Actually I guess most of you are still working at the mo! Silly me!

I was still working too when parent asked if they could scrounge a lift home - still had other mindee here, so had to ask DH to do it.

Just wondered if that was on or if I am being a real meanie!

OP posts:

Twiglett · 19/12/2005 17:55

no that's not on


JeNOELum · 19/12/2005 18:08

God I am feeling really mean - not like me at all! Thats what this childmindng has done for me - turned me into a bitter and twisted woman

Also this parent has been a bit of a pain most of the time - telling my kids off and stuff.

She also tried to get away with not paying for a couple of days she was off - ha ha!

Maybe she is peeved as I have given her notice (als tried to get more time from me than I needed to give!)

Sorry - crappy day! Need to rant!

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 19/12/2005 21:12

I have sometimes gone out of my way for a family, but it tends to be me offering rather than them asking. I've fed their pets when they've been on holiday, but it's been for families within walking distance, and has been an outing for me and mindees. It's not possible to accommodate everything they might want, as there are usually other children here, and I think the parents realise this (so don't ask unless it's a bit of an emergency).

JeNOELum (sounds like kitchen flooring!!!) - I think this parent is taking the mick! If your DH hadn't been there, would she still have asked? And would you have refused to do it?

And you can post all day long if you want because I'm not working (and not earning!!) for the next two weeks.


JeNOELum · 19/12/2005 21:50

Thanks ThePrisoner!

Yeah, I am usually a nice person and if somethings not too much trouble then I will usually offer - but just feel she is taking the mick a bit and therefore dont really want to offer or do extra things for her.

I am already giving her more notice than she needs and she still had the cheek to ask if I could give her longer!

If she had asked me if DH was here then I would have had to refuse - I have 2 children of my own and also another mindee so would not have been possible! DH was quite happy to agree to give her a lift home, but then she had just handed over a cheque for 2 weeks money - lol!

Hmmm my name isnt that great really is it - Kitchen flooring - lol.

I hope you have a lovely break for 2 weeks - I know you are not earning but will be a nice break?

OP posts:

JeNOELum · 19/12/2005 21:51

If DH wasnt there that meant to say!

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 20/12/2005 01:18

Yes, it will be a lovely break - no parents asking me to do things!!

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