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Childminders christmas present

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rubles · 19/12/2005 12:04

Help all,
What do I get my lovely childminder. She has two sons, 11 and 14, who both interact and help/play with dd lots so I want to get something for her and them, but boys are really difficult.
I thought about gift vouchers to bowling/meal/cinema or something like that, but nowhere local participates in that sort of thing.

So what do childminder's get from their mindees' parents for christmas?

I really want to say thankyou in a nice way to all of them, but they are very different people to me and I actually don't know her that well personally so it is difficult to know.

I am so stuck,

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walkinginawelshmumwonderland · 19/12/2005 12:09

We love our childminder too and in the past have given her a family ticket to a show which was the most successful (her chidlren are a bit younger) I've also given her a beautiful photo frame and vouchers for M&S.
I think vouchers are always welcome and a pretty safe bet as you get to know her. You could do M&S for her and Amazon/HMV for the boys and then maybe add a little personal present for her - really nice handcream? fab chocs? A card saying how much you appreciate her is well worth it too I think and will count for alot.


ThePrisoner · 19/12/2005 13:20

Do the boys have a games console? Could get vouchers for new game/CD/DVD (Game, HMV,Smiths, Woolworths etc). I usually get chocolates, smellies, candles (all of which I love). Was once given a rude T-shirt!


rubles · 19/12/2005 13:32

Thank you both. The HMV voucher seems to be the way to go for the boys.

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