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Mindee sensitive gag reflex - advice please

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jellyjelly · 16/12/2005 17:38

I have been looking after said mindee for months now and he has always had problems swollowing as he was still on purees till he was 11 months. We have gradually increased the lumps so he is now eating 12 months stuff the majority of the time. He seems to retch if the food is thick.

He was sick today during his spoon feeding, i stopped and thought it might be the jar he didnt like so i moved on to his pudding which he normally loves, and he was sick again but more sick than before and more violently.

I stopped after this. He wont eat his mums food now only jars and will retch everytime it is thick ish ie not stage 1 like apple puree and the rest of that range.

He does have a big appetite and is a big boy.

He is 17 months now. Does not have any desire to spoon feed himself.
What can i do about this? Should i do anything, have been talking to the mum and she seemed 'off' that he had been sick and said the only thing she changed was that he had adult rice for tea last night. Had a icky bum last night so i think it points to a bug of some sort.

Advice please.

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jellyjelly · 16/12/2005 18:56


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geekgrrl · 16/12/2005 19:17

does he eat finger foods? My dd's speech therapist said that lumpy babyfoods are a complete nightmare and should be banned, it's much better to go for finger foods like toast or properly 'solid' stuff like cooked carrot batons, broccoli stalks etc. She also said that cheesy wotsits are a super finger food for children who struggle with lumps, as they dissolve in the mouth so easily. HTH

jellyjelly · 16/12/2005 19:37

he eats bits but parents are still providing jars and that is what they want him to eat.

I have said about giving him our food but they think it takes to long and he gets bored and then wants to stop before he has eaten enough.

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geekgrrl · 16/12/2005 19:40

oh well not much you can do if the parents insist...

there are so many nutrient-dense finger foods though - sliced avocado, cheese, smooth peanut butter sandwich fingers.... I hope you get somewhere.

ThePrisoner · 16/12/2005 19:44

I have a minded child who refused to move from pureed baby food to "lumpy" baby food, and stayed with the smooth stuff for a long long time. She was able to progress to "proper" food, but would still never eat anything lumpy in a sauce (like baked beans, macaroni cheese, anything in gravy), and she still won't, and she's now 8.

I would agree with geekgrrl, and go for finger foods that he can help himself to (not sure about cheesy wotsits - not the healthiest option!!)

geekgrrl · 16/12/2005 19:51

IKWYM about the cheesy wotsits - it's probably something to try when all else fails. But they do have the ideal texture. Thinking about it, Baby Organix crisps have the same type of texture without any of the cr@p. They're suitable from 12 months.

jellyjelly · 16/12/2005 20:07

He will eat crisps and lolly pops, toast and a few other bits.

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ImdreadinganAUTIExmas · 16/12/2005 20:33

ds3 is a gagger- he's a nightmare on the stage 2 jars, kind of pureed, but with a sudden lump. He's fine with rice cakes, toast, pancakes etc though, I was just thinking the other day I should try switching to more solid food and ban the silly inbetween jars.
Is your mindee teething/snotty- I think ds3 is worse when he is.

jellyjelly · 17/12/2005 16:26

He is always not so good cant really see if it is making a difference.

He seems to have teethed for the last 3 months.

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