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C/M CLub - payment for extra hours

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jellyjelly · 15/12/2005 16:06

My parents last week asked me to work an hour each day on monday and tuesday and monday and tuesday this week.(this isnt the first time i have done this loads when they needed me too) Well i gave over the bill today and it looked like this.

mon 58 min late
tuesday - 56 min late = 2 hours.

then this week

tue 52 minutes
mon 47 minutes= 1.5 hours.

I gave it to her and talked it through with her and the medicine i got for her and a few other bits and pieces but she disagreed with the hours and said it was fourty minutes.

What to do, i feel as though i have gone out of my way to accomodate her coming home on the bus and inconviencing me by being an hour late alot of days but now she wants to short me 40 minutes which doesnt sound alot. Am i being ungrateful or selfish to expect the full amount to be paid(i know it isnt alot of money, it is the point). She says she checks the time everytime she picks him up and didnt want to go with my times on my register.

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katymacracker · 15/12/2005 16:09

Get her to sign a peice of paper when she picks up (I use a diary as my register)

I say it's for CP reasons - but I use it for accounts too

jellyjelly · 15/12/2005 16:14

I guess she could intial the ncma book at the end of the day.

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katymacracker · 15/12/2005 16:15

With the time - thats why I stopped using it - it was too small

jellyjelly · 15/12/2005 16:15

I even backed down when she said it was only 40min even though i know it isnt and she just said 'no it's ok' and then screwed up the bill and put it in the bag.

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ThePrisoner · 16/12/2005 00:31

You might have to allow her to have her way on this occasion (I'm saying this through gritted teeth), but it might be worth pointing out to her that many childminders wouldn't be mucking around and charging for just 40 minutes or whatever. They would be rounding it up to the full hour. And lots of childminders charge substantially more for any kind of late collection.

HellyBelly · 16/12/2005 08:16

Agree. Do you have late collection fee in contract?

jellyjelly · 16/12/2005 08:34

I have a late fee for payments and have put on my contract normal rates for out of hours. i think i might review it.

i do actually have overtime at £5.00 per hour which she does have a copy so i might remind her about that if she questions it again.

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HellyBelly · 16/12/2005 08:35

Well in this case it sounds more like overtime at higher rate is due. I'd put something in writing about late collection - I've got that now (but I wouldn't charge unless I felt they were taking the pee, it's just to cover me!)

jellyjelly · 16/12/2005 11:29

I do wonder if that if you do it once then it becomes too much when is the right time to change it or if i should do it first time they do it (am talking about new parents). I am getting wise on each set of parents.

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