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Childminders Club - I am SOOO ANGRY!

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Booh · 13/12/2005 16:47


I am so cross, I just had a family come to see me (another one, has been manic in the last week or so!)

Any how, long story short is that they have already signed a contract with another childminder and paid the deposit!!! Funny thing is that the other childminder is my best friend......did the parents think I wouldn't find out???

Makes me so made that they wasted two hours of my time!

Grrrrrr parents!!!

OP posts:
JonesTheSteamingSanta · 13/12/2005 16:49

You must be - you've posted this 4 times!!!!

(Seriously - it must be really annoying - as if this time of year isn't busy enough anyway!!!!)

katymacracker · 13/12/2005 17:01

Sympathies - it is so annoying when you are messed about like that

saadia · 13/12/2005 17:03

But then why did they come and see you?

Booh · 13/12/2005 17:22


Looks like my next post vanished!

No idea why they came, they asked all the right questions and seemed nice and happy.

Oh they paid deposit and signed contract with other childminder on friday

I give up.........parents!

OP posts:
saadia · 13/12/2005 18:45

Maybe they had made the appointment, forgot to cancel and then were (stupidly) embarassed about cancelling at the last minute. It seems like an odd thing to do if they already had a cm arranged.

We did this once when we were thinking of renting out our flat - called and arranged meeting with estate agent, then changed our minds, forgot to cancel and then he turned up and we sat through the whole meeting wasting our time and his.

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