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Has anyone got a simliar permissions form?

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lunavix · 13/12/2005 13:56

I need to make a permissions form for walking home and playing on the front garden... wondering if I should add suncream etc (it's currently on the NCMA one) to make it to just the one sheet... does anyone have something similar I could look at?

OP posts:

Icemum · 13/12/2005 14:19

I don't have a permission to walk home etc form, but what I did was to get the parents concerned to write me a letter stating that they give permission for bla bla to walk to school, from a designated place providing that I check to ensure that bla bla arrives safely.

Mind you , the amount of times that he dawdles to school means that I'm only a few footsteps behind anyway!


katymacracker · 13/12/2005 14:40

Lunavix - do you want to CAT - I'll let you have mine.......


ThePrisoner · 13/12/2005 18:56

Mine just has space for child's name at the top and then something like:

I give my permission for my childminder, The Prisoner (!!!), to ... and then a long list of everything you could possibly think of - seek emergency medical treatment, go in vehicle, on outings, be cared for by XXX in an emergency, take photos etc. etc. The list is so long that I will soon be running into a second sheet. You could go into as much detail as you want (touch pets, remove earrings, use plasters or get a rude tattoo!)

It finishes with space for parents to fill in their name, date and signature.

There's that much stuff on them that I reckon parents would sign them without reading it all, and I'm sorely tempted to leave the bit about getting a tattoo on there.

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