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Wedding Childminder

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peckarollover · 11/12/2005 15:58

OOOOOOOOOO have just read a post by helly on the other thread and really fancy setting this up ready for the summer

Anyone got any thoughts on how it would work and what you would charge?

OP posts:
HellyBelly · 11/12/2005 16:08

pecka - will email my mate who used 2 childminders for her wedding - it was great, the kids had fun and we could enjoy the wedding ceremony without having to worry about ds (weird to leave him at first but it did us all good )

Sure others can help sooner but I'll check with my mate and get back to you anyway!

lunavix · 11/12/2005 20:29

As in for you running a wedding CM business?

The company we were going to use were around 6 - 7 pounds an hour, up until 1am, with a £30 booking fee . But they needed a hotel room too (if it was in a hotel iyswim)

jothorpe · 11/12/2005 23:56

If a childminder was using a hotel room, then they wouldn't be childminding... they would either be a nanny, or a mobile creche. I doubt NCMA insurance would cover this, though I expect other insurance could be used by the childcarer. Also, I think that as long as the same location isn't used for more than 5 times per year, then it isn't required to register with Ofsted... though that may have changed.

HellyBelly · 14/12/2005 14:05

Pecka - just had this reply from my friend who used a wedding minder. Just copied and pasted for quickness. Hope it helps!.................

I just looked on google.

I typed in keywords like 'wedding nannies' or wedding childminders' and
berkshire and lots came up.

The ones we used were called 'Smileys' but there are lots of others. Prices
vary radically depending on what level of service people want. Some provide
all the toys / entertainments for the children themselves - but they are
much more expensive. Ridiculous actually, I can't imagine they get much
business. Can't remember the name of that one, but I'm sure she will come
across it without too much searching.

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