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Childminders Club: Weekend work?

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Lmccrean · 10/12/2005 15:38

Just wondering how many of have ever been asked to do weekend work? Trying to work out wether its best to leave my current part-time job (weekends) before starting CM! Dont want to close up any options!

OP posts:

katymacracker · 10/12/2005 16:14

Asked loads refused always


santasweetdreamer · 10/12/2005 16:32

what are you doing part time at weekends just now?

would it make sense financially?


FeelingOld · 10/12/2005 17:36

I have stated right from start I am willing to do occasional weekend work (eg if husband/granny who usually looks after mindees at weekends are sick or away) but have not yet been asked to fortunately and I have been minding for about 18 months.


gooseysgettingfat · 10/12/2005 18:38

Just about all of my work is weekends and school holidays. There is a big need for registered respite care and it's very rewarding, interesting childcare work. If you aim to work weekends only you could easily earn as much as those minders who work for 5 weekdays only. It suits me as I work shifts in another job and so does dh, so weekends are like any other days to me.


ThePrisoner · 10/12/2005 23:36

Have occasionally been asked to do weekends, but always say no (unless dire emergency for existing mindee). I don't want a 24hour job!!

I wouldn't give up your part-time weekend job on the offchance that you will be asked to do weekend work, unless you are looking for an excuse to do so.

Ensure that the Childrens Info. Service know you will do weekend work.


HellyBelly · 11/12/2005 08:18

I've only been asked by jellyjelly to help out with a party where they wanted people to help look after the children.

I also know some people do weddings etc although maybe not as much requirement at this time of year. As TP says, makes sure CIS have details of what you offer and maybe call them to see if they get many requests for this. Also advertise well and see what happens. I presume you've seen my list of advertising places online? If you put yourself on these, you can talk about your service in the discussion rooms and the ones that are just listings in directories, you could call it 'Weekend Childminder' or something so that people know straight away you do this.

As TP said though, I'm not sure I'd give up a job at this stage.

Have you got a support childminder in your area? If so, you could also speak to them?


Lmccrean · 11/12/2005 17:37

Thanks for all your replies. At mo (like really now...on work computer!) Im working Friday - Sunday at a customer service job. Its ok but I have applied to be childminder (not through yet) as I always promised myself that once I turn 21 Im gonna start working towards a career I like. I cant do less than 20hrs a week here, and cant fit that into two days, so would need to give this one up if I was gonna do childmiding full time anyway...just wondering what kinda percentage of people had been asked!

OP posts:

Lmccrean · 11/12/2005 17:56

btw, gooseysgettingfat, would you mind giving me a rough idea how much is charged for weekend work?

OP posts:

HappyMumof2TurtleDoves · 11/12/2005 19:46

I was asked by one of my ex's mindees mum's, who worked Saturday, but really didn't like it as I felt it had too much of an impact on my time and I know ds didn't like it as it restricted our normal weekend routine.
I charged her normal rate (for some strange reason.......) although if I ever did it again I would charge double time. Seems to be what most cm's do.

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