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Childminder's Club:Why is it always Tuesdays????

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katymacracker · 09/12/2005 19:57

Two and a half years ago when I started C/Ming I was full on a Tuesday (3 all day children) but less children every day

Then DH was working and again we were full on a Tuesday - but less children on all the other days

We now have 3 minders and again we are full on a Tuesday....and now we have a waiting list for a tuesday. Fortunatley however we are getting fuller on other days - But what is it about TUESDAYS??

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 09/12/2005 23:09

Oh Katy, it's quite logical really (I did a course).

Monday is just easing you gently into your minding week, so shouldn't be too busy.
Wednesday is midweek, so shouldn't be too stressful as you have the rest of the week to cope with.
Thursday shouldn't be too busy, otherwise you'll have meltdown before ...
Friday - it is written in stone that this day should involve as few children as possible because it's nearly the weekend.

Therefore, it is obvious that you have to be busy on a Tuesday, because it's near enough to the beginning of the week not to stress you out too much. It gets it over and done with before you have time to get too hassled.

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