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Childminders Club: What if I'm having one of mindee's family for just one day????

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HellyBelly · 09/12/2005 17:46

Hi guys

Inspection due next week and I've been asked by mindees mum if I can have a relative on Monday. I presume this is ok and that the only difference is that I enter him on the attendance register?

Anyone able to confirm?

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ThePrisoner · 09/12/2005 19:23

As long as you aren't over your numbers, no problem. Make sure you have all necessary details re. emergency contact etc.


HellyBelly · 09/12/2005 19:27

Thanks TP, will do - all same as mindee as it's their step brother.

Hope inspector doesn't come Monday as I'd rather her see things as they usually do - not the first time I've met a new mindee! Also, mindee very clingy with him and knowing what she is like (lovely as she is!), there will be trouble when my ds wants to play with him!!!

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ThePrisoner · 09/12/2005 22:52

If your inspector did turn up, you could explain to her the situation and send her packing! We are still, I think, supposedly able to say "not today, thankyou" if it's not a good time, or you are about to go out. Not sure if I could be brave enough to do this myself though! (Has anyone else ever done this??)


HellyBelly · 11/12/2005 08:03

Thanks TP but I'm just going to hope they don't come tomorrow and if they do, I'll just have to deal with it. Don't think I'd have the guts to tell her to come back tomorrow

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