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childminders club : your top tips please

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peckarollover · 05/12/2005 17:16

Remember the woman that rang and I panicked a bit and didnt chase up a meeting?

Well she rang me today and is coming tomorrow ! eek

The mindees I have were all known to me in some way so this is a first!

Give me your best tips for showing how fab I am!

OP posts:

mandieb · 05/12/2005 18:11

open the door stark naked with tinsel in your hair to show her you like to be festive LOL


peckarollover · 05/12/2005 18:40

lol Yes, great idea! I'll do that!


OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 05/12/2005 19:19

Dh says break wind quietly ...


ThePrisoner · 05/12/2005 19:22

Daub your face with paint/glue/glitter/chocolate krispie mixture (so you look really professional).

Failing that, dust a bit, get your best toys out, sort your portfolio!! (And don't forget to put the kettle on).


HappyMumof2TurtleDoves · 05/12/2005 19:36

just be yourself!! If you try to act differently you will end up stuttering and making yourself nervous, and the children will pick up on your nerves!
Just tidy up a bit, but make sure you have a good selection of toys out, and as ThePrisoner says, make sure you have your portfolio ready so you don't have to faff about getting everything together, and offer her tea, show her round etc, you don't have to do anything amazing, just act normal!


peckarollover · 05/12/2005 19:45

yes, suppose its a silly question.

If Im a nice person and a good childminder (which I think I am!) I should be fine!

OP posts:

mandieb · 05/12/2005 19:48

Tell her your probation officer thinks you need another child to occupy you more .

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