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Childminder wanted - Thames Ditton

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Chepstow1 · 03/12/2005 09:15

Hi, looking for a warm and loving experienced childminder in the Thames Ditton area, who is Ok with working flexibly and part time.

My work days may move and I also can work from home sometimes so would like to take my son to activites in morning and would be looking for care in the afternoon etc). Happy to gurantee minimum hours per week etc, probably 20-30.

Can you help!!

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HellyBelly · 03/12/2005 10:11

Hi there - just posted on your other thread. We have a list of all us childminders from mumsnet, the lovely Katymac put it together. I'll bump it up for you in case anyone is from your area!

Good luck

p.s. you been on childcarelink website ?

mummydear · 03/12/2005 10:42

Hi Chepstow1 - I live around your area. A few cards inthe post office in Thams Ditton about childvcare also why don't you try the yahoo group

You could post on that aswell.

Have you got the list of available childminders from Suurey County council?.

I'll keep my ear to the ground for you.

ther is an advert for childminder who has vacancies on the notice board outside Thames Ditton Infnat School.It s beyond the main gate though, but you should be able to get to look at it during the week, near pick up and drop off time.

Chepstow1 · 03/12/2005 21:30

Hi mummydear, found an ad today after your advice, big thanks...

Cheers 4 tips

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