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Au Pair Recruitment Web Sites

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highlight · 02/12/2005 15:22

Hi can anyone reccomend a reasonable au pair recruitment site, I have just looked on google and was completely overwhelmed!

OP posts:

HellyBelly · 02/12/2005 15:24

Sorry I can't really help but I've recently put together a list of sites for us childminders to list our services on and a few of them include Au Pairs which may help??? I'll bump it up now just in case it's of any use!


binkie · 02/12/2005 15:34 is a name that comes up a lot - though I haven't used it myself I know lots of people who have.


uwila · 02/12/2005 16:14

I've used I think it is good for au pairs, but not so good for nannies. But since au pair is what you are looking for, I recoomend it. has above and by far the best search facility. You can search by nationality, current country of residence, age, level of experience, if they have a drivers licence, and more...

The only thing I don't really like is that it is US based so you can't do something like search all EU member states. You have to click on the countries one by one.

Good luck on your search. Is this your first au pair?


MaryP0p1 · 02/12/2005 16:17

The other problem with great au pair in my opinion is you have to pay to register as both a parent and an aupair.


uwila · 02/12/2005 16:22

You don't have to pay to register. You just have to pay to access the contact details. So Marypop, if you register as an au pair, then parents can pay and get your details. Or if you pay, you can get the parent details and contact them. Only one of you needs to be a paid member.


MaryP0p1 · 02/12/2005 16:24

Ahhhh, I misunderstood.


rachelmendham · 02/12/2005 16:53

hi, im a mum and work as a nanny. depending on where you live, if around london area there is a magazine called 'simply childcare' it lists jobs and nannies, au pairs, childminders etc. i have found a lot of jobs in here and would recommend it to anyone. There is also loads of people advertising for work here too. good luck xx


HellyBelly · 02/12/2005 16:55

cheers - will look at that one and add to my big list!


SANanny · 04/12/2005 09:32

For nannies try


izzyrubi · 04/12/2005 10:26

Message withdrawn


AMerryScot · 07/12/2005 18:37

I use Au Pair World and I am really happy with it.

It doesn't have quite as much information as Great Au Pair, but it tends to have more European au pairs, and it's a lot cheaper.

Either the au pair or the family has to register, but it is usually the family that does it.


thedinnerlady · 22/01/2006 20:14

Hi just bumoing this thread our wonderful aupair will be leaving us at Easter so as much as it pains me I need to start looking for a new one any recomendations of agencies, websites would be appreciated. We are in South Bucks

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