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please can i have some reassurance from the CM's on here

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LoveMyGirls · 01/12/2005 16:24

im beginning to worry, im planning on becoming a CM in march but im scared incase i cant make it work and we end up broke, any words of advice, reassurance please.....? other than the money side of it im really excited and already have my 1st mindee lined up even tho only PT. thanks

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katymac · 01/12/2005 18:46

LovemyGirls I will reassure you......Why not CAT me?


ThePrisoner · 01/12/2005 18:56

Are you giving up other paid work to do it? Do you have children of your own? If you already have one mindee lined up, then at least you know you'll have a certain amount of income.

It's in the nature of this job that our income is not fixed, and it's certainly not guaranteed. However, I've been doing this now for 12 years (or 11?? can't remember!) and I certainly wouldn't be doing it if I wasn't earning money, and I certainly wouldn't be doing it if I didn't like working with children.

I think I have the best of everything. But I'm still knackered at the end of the day!


Booh · 01/12/2005 19:15

It really isn't a 'steady' job.........there is always the unexpected!

This week I have been told by one parent that they are moving 400 miles away, and by another that they are expecting another baby and when no2 arrives they will have a nanny! BUT I have already filled one of the spaces!


katymac · 01/12/2005 19:59

I lost 5 children this autumn - I have replace 4 childrens income with 2 new children, started another 3 and am interviewing another 3 over the next week

Stable???But we have never (yet) been broke - tight yes but not broke


LoveMyGirls · 02/12/2005 11:48

thanks, i will cat you katymac but can you tell me how as i dont know how to do it?

im currently on mat leave my previous job earnt me 850 a mth which i had to pay petrol (130) and childcare (130) so the way i see it is if i can make 500/600 a month then it is doable plus i love being at home with the kids i just need to make sure the money side is ok i guess.

OP posts:

katymac · 02/12/2005 16:06

Go at the top of the page contact another Talker


LoveMyGirls · 02/12/2005 17:35

cool will do probably l8r when i get chance, thanks again katymac

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