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Going rate for nanny in London

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rickshaw · 29/11/2005 21:15

I'm sure this has been asked loads of times before, but can anyone tell me what I can expect to pay a full-time, live-out nanny in central London? I'm just starting to look for one...

OP posts:
NannyL · 29/11/2005 22:17

at least 350 nett per week for central london... possibly a bit more, maybe £400 net per week

(dep on experiance, qualifications etc!)

hatstand · 29/11/2005 22:31

£6 an hour plus tax and NI - pretty much absolute minimum, with experience and qualifications would be more like £7 or more. take account of tax and ni though - it's HUGE. check out Nanny Tax - a payroll agency with a tax/ni calculator on their website.

Earlybird · 29/11/2005 22:39

Around £8 per hour for an experienced, but unqualified nanny. For a fully qualified and experienced nanny, it's in the region of £10 per hour plus tax and NI.

beril · 29/11/2005 22:56

£8-9 or 10 net, depends on the hours and your experience.

rickshaw · 30/11/2005 09:26

Thanks everyone. Blimey it's expensive isn't it.

OP posts:
acnebride · 30/11/2005 09:28

[buttin in emoticon] nannyshare, nannyshare, nannyshare?

rickshaw · 30/11/2005 12:23

Yep, I'm looking for a nannyshare too. But I'm worried I won't find a family to share with (shortgage of other babies in Zone 1!) so I'm weighing up the cost of an exclusive nanny if it comes to that!

OP posts:
uwila · 01/12/2005 10:25

Ahem.... I think you can find a cheaper if you avoid agencies, do your own research (and be thorough!), and you are prepared to take on a year or two of experience rather than "qualifications".

You do not have to pay a nanny in net pay.
Foreign nannies sometimes work for a bit less than English ones. You might have a go on (but beware of au pairs who have no experience with children masquerading as nannies) or

The most important factor (to me anyway) is the qualitiy of the reference, not a nanny diploma.

Blu · 01/12/2005 10:42

Try Simplychildcare - much cheaper than an agency, and there are families advertising for shares, as well as nannies looking for work.

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