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Good luck nzshar!!!

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Pol25 · 29/11/2005 15:02

Good luck with your ofsted- next week! We have our fingers crossed down here!
Let us know how it all goes- just finished covering my door with safety glass film!

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nzshar · 07/12/2005 13:28

Well thats it ....apparently i am a suitable person to childmind

other than a couple of latches a bit of work in the garden area all is good

Ya can uncross those fingers now Pol must be hard doing day to day chores with them crossed all that time Thanks


LoveMyGirls · 07/12/2005 20:57


well done, please if you get chance could you give me an idea of what it was like what they asked what they were looking for etc (please i need a clue) Also what about the garden, mine could do with a tidy too.

when are you planning to start and how long did it take to get this far?


LoveMyGirls · 07/12/2005 20:57

sorry for all the questions you know what its like


Tan1959 · 07/12/2005 22:19

Congratulations Nzshar!


Pol25 · 08/12/2005 11:24

What chores!!! ha ha ha...
Glad it all went well, was thinking of you heaps yeasterday! Not too sure what they'd say if they came to ours today- someone has a fixation with trying to demolish the crimbo tree!

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