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About to pop- what to do with toddler?

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honneybunny · 25/11/2005 09:58

Hi there, got a question but I am not sure this is the right place to put it. I am 38w with no.2 and no.1 is toddler boy (2y old). We're both ex-pats and have no family in area (country even). Since the birth is getting close now, I am starting to get worried about what to do with our toddler when I have to go into hospital. Anyone any good advice?? Most of our friends have kids too, and since most labours start in the middle of the night I'd feel badly about waking up whole families. Same goes for neighbours. Have thought of getting a sitter, does anyone know of a baby-sit organisation in Cambridge area that would do 2am call-outs?????

OP posts:
dinosaur · 25/11/2005 10:00

Does your two-year old go to nursery locally? If so, would any of the nursery staff be prepared to be "on call"?

jellyjelly · 25/11/2005 10:06

I doubt any company would be willing to do that as i dont think it would be that practical you might end up paying and not using the service but good luck, Haev you thought about a doula?

I work for an agency and they wouldnt do it.

annh · 25/11/2005 11:43

I wouldn't worry about waking up families tbh. Giving birth is not an everyday occurence after all and I think that people will be willing to help out. I gave birth to ds2 abroad and was in the same situation - in fact, we didn't even have a house to live in or any baby stuff which was all in storage but that's another story! We asked some friends fromtoddler group who had asimilar aged son and they were happy to oblige. Also not sure that most labours DO start in the middle of the night so you are as likely to be calling them during the day. And even if you do wake with contractions in the middle of the night it's probably quite possible that you will still be wandering around your house by breakfast time the following morning! At 38 weeks however, I wouldn't hang around and if you are going to use friends for care, it would be nice to introduce your son to the idea soon.

pupuce · 28/11/2005 22:06

I know that there is a doula in Canbridge who has done just that about a year ago... worth looking into it : Her details are

Tanzie · 28/11/2005 22:10

HB, I was in exactly the same position as you, having travelled from Eastern Europe to give birth in UK. Bizarrely, my mother came to stay for a few days and arrived when I was in labour, so problem solved there. But two of our neighbours said to ring them ANY TIME if I went into labour and they would have DD1 for me. And I would have done so, as I genuinely thought they meant it, and I'd have been happy leaving DD1 with them.

soapbox · 28/11/2005 22:13

I've done this for a neighbour and a friend and didn't bat an eyelid at being woken up in the middle of the night!

TBH its not like it happens all the time, so please don't let it worry you - you have enough on your plate as it is

honneybunny · 29/11/2005 09:25

Thanks for the advice! Problem is solved now. Went into (false) labour late on Friday afternoon with strong contractions every 5 mins, and by coincidence my mum phoned (from Netherlands) just as I was about to call home DH from work. As chats with her usually last for more than hour, I quickly mentioned the contractions and that I we would be going into hospital. One of DS1's nursery nurses agreed to look after him that night, and hubby and I were off to Rosie hospsital. We had to stay until midnight but were then released. When I phoned home to tell them about the events it turned out my mum had booked a single ticket into London Stansted for the next morning, and now she will be here until DS2's arrival. So, problem solved: she will look after DS1 while we give birth
But thanks anyway for all of your advice.

OP posts:
kama · 29/11/2005 09:56

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