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Childminders club - re Real fires?

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Booh · 23/11/2005 11:07


Just wanted to ask if any of you had real fires and had them alight when you are working?

I live in an old house and I have an solid fuel stove in the kitchen that is on all the time (and keeps the kitchen so toasty in winter!) but I also have wood burners and an open fire in my front room.

Never use them when I am working, but as we seem to be having such a megga cold winter already I thought that it makes more sense for me to light them than have my central heating going full and that only keeps the chill off the house as it is so old and drafty!

I will use fireguards etc, but do you think it will be ok? They are totally safe and the children can't touch them......but would it be ok? Or would I need parents to sign another permission form!

But it is my house and my feet are feeeeeeezzzziiinnnnnngggg! The joys of stone/wooden floors!

OP posts:

katymac · 23/11/2005 13:31

I think you need to have fixed to the wall fire guards - but apart fro that you shouldn't have any problems

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