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Babysitting circle or babysitters in Nottingham

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melrose · 22/11/2005 16:23

I am desperate to find a babysitter in North nottingham area (sherwood) so that we can go out! Have an 18 month old who goes to bed very easily and does not wake too often. Finding it hard to just advertise as worried about leaving DS, but have no family near by so would welcome recommendations of sitters. Alternatively, does anyone know of any babysitting circles in the area

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jellyjelly · 22/11/2005 16:43

Helly did know of a sitting circle on the net so cat her or wait for her to reply later. (she told me about it).

She is normally on evenings and earlymornings.

melrose · 22/11/2005 19:50


OP posts:
kcemum · 22/11/2005 20:54

Hi Melrose I'm a childminder in Nottingham, I m unable to babysit for you but have you tried any of the nurseries? Sometimes the nursery nurses are willing to do this, theres a very good chain in the sherwood area and I know that when my children attended there, lots of the nursery nurses used to do this.

Hope this is of help. I don't know of any babysitting circles though.

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