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Childminders Club: Paperwork when mindee leaves.......

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HellyBelly · 20/11/2005 12:46


I know this will be somewhere in the pile of papers I have but I thought one of you lovely ladies could help me out and save me searching through lots and lots of literature!

I presume you have to keep contracts and other paperwork even when a contract comes to an end? If you do, do you know how long you have to keep hold of it?

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katymac · 20/11/2005 14:30

for 21 years (seriously it's for CP reasons)

HellyBelly · 20/11/2005 14:47

Thought it would be something like that, thanks Katymac. Out of interest, where do you store yours?

HB x

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katymac · 20/11/2005 14:50

I'm only 2.5 yrs old remember

I keep it in a filing cabinet - but may buy a fireproof box for the shed

HellyBelly · 20/11/2005 14:54

I know Katymac, it's just that I've only just had my first ones so I'm trying to decide what to do!

I think I need to buy a proper filing cabinet!

Thanks for your help

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agalch · 21/11/2005 11:34

I read in the SCMA magazine that it is a matter for the childminder and not for the care commission to prescribe. Don't know if it's different just in Scotland. The website for records management in Scotland is

jellyjelly · 21/11/2005 11:46

helly you can get them in focus or tesco for under a tenner

HellyBelly · 21/11/2005 11:49

Got huge one and small one in the garage not being used, just dumped in there. Need to sort out where I will keep them all but am ok for actual cabinet (I think)

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