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Childminders Club: Do you HAVE to have a contract in place???

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HellyBelly · 18/11/2005 16:00

As in, law?

For those who have followed my other posts, I gave notice to someone last week. I'm currently writing a letter to sort out the last day but I'm not sure about the wording around notice periods as we don't actually have a contract for the school runs.

Before you all shout at me........

Met in July, signed contracts for school holiday care - 1 week notice period all round

Got a phone call just before school summer hols ended, desperate for after school care.

I explained some problems with certain days and that I didn't do school runs yet but we sorted it all out and I agreed to help as she was desperate.

Contract was prepared straight away with days required left blank for now as she said would have some after school clubs etc. She said she'd know everything after the first week back at school. I therefore agreed to leave the contract for the time being.

Each week went by with "hopefully we'll know next week" etc etc and it's just all been up in the air! So.......I never actually got the contract signed because the days were changing etc.

This means I didn't have to give her notice at all but now I'm worried I should have a contract by law.

Anyone know if you do???

OP posts:

jellyjelly · 18/11/2005 16:12

from reading the contract they roll and roll until a new one comes into place/reviewed, you can always ring ncma legal line and see what they say.


HellyBelly · 18/11/2005 16:29

cheers jelly, didn't think of that!

OP posts:

jellyjelly · 18/11/2005 16:33

you use ncma contracts dont you? have a look on the back and it will explain it to you.


HellyBelly · 18/11/2005 16:56

will have a look - just thought it told you what to put on contracts. I'm more worried about whether or not I HAD to have one legally. Will check tho - thanks!

OP posts:

katymac · 18/11/2005 17:00

If you had one for out of school - then it is only an amendment you need - and it doesn't matter if the amendment is done verbally (unless there is a dispute)

So as it's going to end anyway - does it matter?


HellyBelly · 18/11/2005 17:05

Good so even though the hours were all re: holiday care on the contract, if we verbally agreed the rest then that's ok?

If so, perfect!

OP posts:

jellyjelly · 18/11/2005 17:13

I dont see that you should have a proble because you are cacelling with notice not just saying that you wont have them anymore.


HellyBelly · 18/11/2005 17:20

In case she tries to get me for it - they are a funny lot!

OP posts:

jellyjelly · 18/11/2005 17:34

I think you just need to tell her what you are doing not asking what she wants.


goosey · 18/11/2005 19:37

No you don't have to have a contract. You do have to have a written agreement though (It's a part of one of the National Standards). I don't use contracts - just written agreements. I have no need for contracts as my service is a pay-as-you-go one.

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