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Childminder's Club - whats the right term to use?

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karen23 · 17/11/2005 12:41

I was reading a book to my mindees this morning and said "Can you see a boy on a bike?" my mindee(3) said "No he's a paki" I was so shocked and when he told me thats what his daddy had told him I really didn't know what to say.
I explained to him that I thought it wasn't a nice word to use and he just kept saying that it's what his daddy told him.
What's the right term to use is it black?
Sorry i sound so stupid (and if I've offended anyone) it's just with all this PC barmy stuff going on I want to make sure it's right and don't know who else to ask

OP posts:

HappyMumof2 · 17/11/2005 13:05

Message withdrawn


karen23 · 17/11/2005 19:05

I know it was a stupid question it's just I don't want to tell the children the wrong thing and it causing offence to anyone
I spoke to his mum and she's going to speak to his dad about it she was so annoyed which is understandable really

OP posts:

HappyMumof2 · 17/11/2005 19:16

Message withdrawn

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