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Health insurance for AuPairs in the UK

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Nightynight · 15/11/2005 15:11

How does it work?
If they are European citizens, are they automatically eligible for NHS care or do you have to buy a private policy?
OK, E111 covers for emergency care, what about non-emergency stuff?

If they are non-European citizens, what do you do?

OP posts:

Nightynight · 15/11/2005 19:02


what do you do when your aupairs fall sick???

OP posts:

baublerock · 15/11/2005 19:07

I registered our aupair with our GP I just had to fill out a form, can't remember what form it was but ask your surgery. Not sure about non eu - I'd assume they would need insurance, I didn't look into non eu girls because it seemed like too much hassle with permits etc..


Nightynight · 15/11/2005 19:12

thank you baublerock. Sounds as though they get it on residence grounds, then. I am not sure if our current prospective AuPair is German or Turkish, and some time will be spent in UK.

OP posts:

uwila · 18/11/2005 14:02

My nanny is Canadian. She does not need any special insurance, just registered with the GP when she got here.

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