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weekend au pairs???????

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prettyfly1 · 12/11/2005 13:46

do they exist. i am a single mum with no real support and financially in quite a good position so would not mind having someone to help out one or two weekends a month??? Do they exist and if so how much is it likely to cost???

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tamula · 12/11/2005 14:13

an au-pair by definition is a foreign student, usually 18-mid twenties, someone that lives in, does 5hrs house or kiddywork or less per day, childcare is not sole charge.

In exchange for food,lodgings and a small allowance.

What may suit you better is a mothers help, or you could try roping in a childcare student from your local college to come and get some work experience via placement at your home? Thats free, you only provide lunch!!


prettyfly1 · 12/11/2005 18:17

ok cool. not a bad idea

OP posts:

kkey21 · 12/11/2005 19:21

Hi! I have just moved from Hatfield to Hertford (i noticed in your other thread that is where you live!) Im always in Hatfield though as my family live there. Anyway, i am a Nanny with my own baby (NNEB Qualified and 8yrs experience) and would happily work occasional weekends... I do however have my own baby who i would need to bring but if you are interested you can reply to this thread or mail me on [email protected] Thank you!


kkey21 · 12/11/2005 19:22

Just like to add i wouldn't be charging a typical nanny rate as have the perk of my son being there to join in the fun! x

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