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Chilcare vouchures

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jellyjelly · 09/11/2005 18:34

Can anyone fill me in on how these work? One of my parents have asked if i can take them (Dont know which ones yet other than they start with an 'a').


OP posts:
HellyBelly · 09/11/2005 18:46

They work differently (I think?) depending on which ones. I'm registered for Busy Bees but never been paid via them yet. You have an arrangement and Busy Bees pay you direct into your account (again, I think) once they have been redeemed.

Some are just for nurseries, some for all. TBH, I don't really know much. Would definitely be worth finding out which ones they are though as you may not be able to accept them.

manzanilla · 09/11/2005 19:08

I am paying for my nursery via vouchers on a tax saving scheme - see {}


ayla99 · 10/11/2005 11:28

I've been asked too - I've said as long as I am still paid on the due date (ie, in advance) I am happy to sign up. There are lots of options - you can be given actual vouchers which you send off to get paid or you can be paid direct to your bank or the parent can be paid direct & they then pay you.

I will be charging my normal late payment fee of £5 per child per date if i don't get paid on time. (DH is out of work & I have vacancies to fill so I can't afford to wait for payments). As with anything new, if it doesn't work out & I am having to chase up payments all the time then I will want cash in future.

That said, I've not heard of anyone having any problems with being paid through these schemes.

Blu · 10/11/2005 11:37

Is it ACCOR, jellyjelly? You can google them, and they will have a bit on their site for childcarers which should explain it.

jellyjelly · 10/11/2005 12:08

I dont know the name other than that it starts with an a.

Will google it though and sign up.


OP posts:
babydales · 10/11/2005 14:18

As a childminder I have been paid in Busy Bees vouchers and at the moment am being paid with Childcare Options vouchers and have never had a bad experience with either. You just need to register with them and they pay straight into a bank account.I get paid on a Tuesday,post them off and get confirmation of payment via e mail on the Thursday.

ThePrisoner · 10/11/2005 20:36

I get part-payment in vouchers from one family - rather than doing it all electronically (I don't trust this system as I've had problems in the past), I opted for them to be sent direct to parent, she gives them to me, I email voucher numbers to the "head office" and money paid directly into my account. It's very simple to use.

galaxy · 10/11/2005 20:38

I currently get Busybees vouchers and pay my carer electronically each month. Had Accor vouchers before which are paper vouchers and they used to take ages to clear apparently so I would ask her to pay you seven days earlier than normal.

alibubbles · 13/11/2005 20:15

Message withdrawn

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