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Nanny. Duties? motivation?

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CarlyP · 08/11/2005 08:57


Can someone please give me a list of nannies duties and any ideas for motivating my 'im always tired and getting bored' nanny......

thanks for your help,


OP posts:
NannyL · 08/11/2005 09:20

General nanny duties include pretty much anything and everything to do with the children:

childrens washing / ironing
keeping childrens bedrooms / playroom clean and tidy.
also keeping toys in order etc (ie keeping in the right boxes or whatever your system is!)
Preparing and serving nutritous meals for the children, and then clearing up the kitchen after HERSELF, (ie load pans / dishes in dishwasher, wipe down the surface, that was left clean for her in the first place ! )
sewing on name tapes for school ages children
taking babies / young children to clinic etc.
older children dentist / Dr appointments
Organise play dates for the children
Entertaining the children.... playing games. getting out arts and crafts , doing puzzels.
If the plumber is coming etc open the door to meet him etc

Basically ANYTHING to do with the children at all.
(I THINK ive listed all the main things there)

Note nannies should NOT be expected to do cleaning, or to clean the house, and nor they expect to come to a house if the kitchen is already all dirty etc and spend their time cleaning it!
Things like emptying dishwashers are technically not our responsibility either (and i knw a few nannies who WONT do it ) My opinion is that alot of whats in the dishwasher has been used by men anyway so i dont mind emptying it SOMETIMES
We are also not responsivble for supermarket shopping, but where i work its easier allround if i go shopping on monady and by all the things i need etc for the week for the meals i intend to give the children.... and if my boss phones me and asks me to get 'them' a few things thats fine as well!
We are also not responsibel for caring for pets, but where i work i often take the dogs for a walk, etc.

Basicaly EXPECT a nanny to do only childcare duties, and with the rightnanny you can negotiate most things.

Do not expect us to clean your homes tho!

CarlyP · 08/11/2005 09:35

Thanks NannyL,

i do not expect her to clean (i do and and someone else irons) and i make the childrens meals, she just has to heat up and serve to them. (i even make their lunch and put it in the fridge some days!)

She doesnt tidy the playroom very well or even touch their bedrooms and i need to sort these things out.

i also want her to o a 'theme' every week. like a colour and they find things with that colour etc or leaves, and they can collect leaves and stick them on a board do i suggest/impliment that?



OP posts:
binkie · 08/11/2005 12:44

Do you think it's a motivation problem or an initiative problem? If it's an initiative problem (ie, she does things if you ask her to) then I would go on over to nannyjob and ask the nannies there for suggestions for activities for the age your child(ren) are. You'll get masses of good ideas - then you can draw up a programme for her.

If it's a pure motivation problem - ie she doesn't summon up the energy to do anything, even if you've given her everything she needs for it - then you have two choices:

  • find out what's depressing her in the job (maybe she has no nanny friends & is feeling isolated, maybe she's from abroad & is homesick) and see if it can be fixed; or

  • say goodbye.

    You will see if you look at nannyjob that good nannies have oodles of energy for the job.

    (NannyL's list is good - only things I would add are: homework for the school aged ones; and Daily Fresh Air.)
uwila · 08/11/2005 12:59

Can you set her up with some other nannies for play dates? Do any of your friends have nannies? How long has she been in the job? How old are the kids?

pinkandsparkly · 08/11/2005 19:27

Hi CarlyP,

Just wondered what previous experience and training your nanny has?

If she's bored in her job then she is really the only one who can do something about it.

I would make time to have a serious discussion with her, when the children are otherwise entertained. Make it crystal clear what her nanny duties are and then share you concerns about the fact that she doesn't seem motivated. Make it known that this is not good enough.

It's not up to you to plan her days for her and to be honest, most nannies would be quite put out if you did. There are 100001 things you can do to amuse small children that don't have to cost loads or involve lots of 'hassle'

In short I think your nanny needs a swift kick up the arse!

ps I worked as a nanny, sole charge, in the middle of nowhere, with no adult contact all day except toddler group twice a week. I used to do all sorts of activities with my charge and we went out walking everyday. It was tough at times and rather lonely but it was my job to care for, educate and stimulate my charge and that's exactly what I did.

CarlyP · 09/11/2005 11:56

do u want a job pinkandsparkly!!! LOL

thanks for the advice.


OP posts:
pinkandsparkly · 09/11/2005 12:55

YOU're welcome!

It annoys me that there are slack nannies like this who give proper, committed nannies a bad name. Hope you can sort this out in the best possible way for you and your children.

(sends cyber steel toe capped kick to apply to nannies rear end)

CarlyP · 09/11/2005 13:49

i hope she recieves the cyber boot v quickly!!!



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