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Do you all have daily routines?

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JenumGeranium · 03/11/2005 17:49

Sorry - another q from me (I think I need a break - or a drink!)

I was trying to sort out my routine, but its all over the place as I pick up here and drop off there!

How do you get round it?


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JenumGeranium · 03/11/2005 18:59

ok I admit it - I am going mad!

I need to forget about all this stuff for the time being!

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katymac · 03/11/2005 19:05

JenumGeranium....can you CAT me? If you have time.....


codKEMP · 03/11/2005 19:07

less now kids are older


JenumGeranium · 03/11/2005 19:18

I will do so now katymac!

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JenumGeranium · 03/11/2005 19:19


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katymac · 03/11/2005 19:32



ThePrisoner · 03/11/2005 21:15

Jenum - does that mean you don't want to know??!!


JenumGeranium · 03/11/2005 22:37

No I do really want to know!

Ive just had a bad day - worrying about allsorts - just thought I should have a break for a while!

Any advice/help will be greatly appreciated!

OP posts:

katymac · 03/11/2005 22:38

(might not get your CAT until tomorrow)


JenumGeranium · 03/11/2005 22:46

No probs Katymac

I'm feeling a bit more chilled now (the 2 glasses of wine have probably helped!) hic

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ThePrisoner · 04/11/2005 00:16

Routine? Get up, await arrival of mindees, have mad mad mad fun all day, await collection of mindees, mumsnet/chocolate. What more could you want?

Make sure you take mindees out somewhere every day, preferably so you can have a bit of adult conversation too, to prevent your brain turning to mush.

Don't do paperwork until some of it falls off the pile. Pay your tax on time. Dust everywhere if you are due your inspection.

Have lots and lots of fun, and remind yourself that you can go and get a Grown-Up Job another day.


JenumGeranium · 04/11/2005 08:12

Thanks for that!

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HellyBelly · 04/11/2005 08:22

Jenny - she's dead right about getting out of the house (although I know you do - you're always rushing!). I've had long periods stuck in due to too many kids for my car and it does give you cabin fever after a while!


karen23 · 04/11/2005 13:07

This is my routine
7.45 Breakfast, clean teeth then quiet play
8.30 School run
9.00 1st Planned activity/playing
10.30 Wash and snack
11.00 2nd planned activity/playing
12.00 Tidy up time
12.15 Mindees go home!

I use an egg timer to help my mindees with my routine eg "5 minutes then we'll go out" they now that when the timer goes off they have to go out!

It works a treat until they can tell the time.

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